Mid-90's team positional matchups

Mid-90's team positional matchups

Who was better (by position)? I'm specifically looking at the years from about 1994 to 1997

1. Innes v Tezza (centres):
Innes was defensively the most sound back in the league and never put a foot wrong. Tezza was an offensive powerhouse who was at his peak.
Answer: dead even

2. Craig Hancock v Hoppa v Danny Moore (wingers):
Hancock was Mr Versatile and never did anything wrong. Hoppa was the most powerful winger in the league. Moore was very underrated.
Answer: I'm just leaning toward Danny Moore. You had to love how he turned up for every game.

3. Cliffy v Tooves (halves):
Cliffy was the most creative half in the league. Tooves wore his heart on his sleeve and bled Maroon.
Answer: dead even

4. Beaver v Kosef v Daniel Gartner v Ian Roberts (back-row):
Beaver was the most prolific try-scoring forward going around. Gartner did a little bit of everything. Kosef was nearly impossible to stop. Roberts was great hitting it up in attack and unbelievable in defence.
Answer: I'm just leaning toward a healthy Kosef.

5. Cement Gillespie v Mark Carroll (front row):
Cement won Premierships in two different decades but was probably not at his peak during this stage. Carroll was the toughest forward in the game.
Answer: Carroll

Any opinions?

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Mid-90's team positional matchups

I am just glad all these guys were in the same team and not up against each other. All greats.

Danny Moore is credited by contemparies as an outstanding communicator in defence who worked with those around him to steel up Manly's backs. Wish we had a few like him now. 195 points in 95 is just outstanding.

I think Kosef would have been a great of the game hadhis knees hung together. I can't leave out Beaver from any list of Manly greats. Had we been a top team over the past 10 years he could have been considered an immortal in the class of Raper and Coote. Gartner was also superb and I loved how that backrow complemented each other so well in those years. Roberts was one of the best, so mobile, hard and tough but SuperLeague denied him a premiership as he sat out 96.

Crying shame we only won one comp in the 90s when three would have been more just!!

Hancock was a favourite of mine in those days as he was efficient, no fuss and got the job done.

Thanks for a great post of some superb memories Crusher!
Mid-90's team positional matchups

Of course I agree with you about Beaver. I was just looking at those 4 years or so. Over time no question - one of the greats of Rugby League.

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Mid-90's team positional matchups

Agree about Carroll he was in the prime of his career where as Cement was at the end of career although he was very slid for us.

A struck match between the rest, but I would probably have Tooves over Cliff for a similar reason as above.

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