[Resurrected] Mick Potter

Poor bloke. In what looks like a rebuilding year with a fair share of injuries, looks like he's getting sacked.

Robbie Farah apparently behind the sacking after telling Gordon Tallis "Potter can't coach" off air at Triple M last year.
Well today wouldn't have helped (Potter).

Despite their share of injuries this year, the Tigs were going OK...But it does seem Farrah has a lot of sway over there.

Perhaps he should captain-coach em.
We don't know what he's like behind closed doors. Maybe he isn't a good coach and the assistants have been doing great work? Who knows. All I know is the Tigers have an outstanding bunch of young kids coming through and the club could destroy a chance at a golden era if they keep botching the coach.
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IF the Tigers do give Potter the boot.....they could do a lot worse than taking on Griffin as their coach.
"This" poster won the tipping comp?....c'mon!
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SeaEagleRock8 said:
Will be odd if Potter gets fired without having a goblet, straight after the Broncs showed Gryffin the dor.

lol, very, very nicely done.
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Potter will need help from Dumbledore to get through this.

I loved the interview they showed of him with Gould yesterday. The first question Gus asked him was if he knew of last nights Tigers board meeting and that his job might be on the line. With a completely straight face he denied all knowledge of it.

Obviously he knew but he wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of speaking out about it and predictably kept his answer short, preferring to talk about the game against St Merge. Gotta feel for the bloke though, and Robbie Farah needs to pull his head in.
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Would Potter be good as assistant to Des?

He doesn't appear to have gone for another first grade gig since being sacked by the Tigpies & was assistant at the Dogs before Blue Steel got sacked...maybe he would be happy being assistant here?
Potter would be no good as an assistant to Des. Pretty certain that they aren't on the same page. Different style and approach.

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