Men in motion

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Journey Man
Watched several games of both codes over the weekend. The winning teams ALWAYS had several men in mtion whenever the ball was in the hands of the playmaker.

In Monas', Witt's and Dunley's defence, this did not happen with us on on Friday night. We're creating no doubt in the minds of the opposition.

An observation on our current malaise:

The INTENSITY in attack and defence has dropped right off. We have conceded our 2004 average of 30 points per game over the last 10 games I believe. We are not committing several men to the tackle and dominating.

In attack everyone is standing around waiting for someone else to do it.

Some further observations:

1. Des' task is fairly simple this week - he has to kick some major arse and re-insill some intensity and passion back into our game. This coasting nonsense must STOP, even if it takes some sackings to achieve it.

2. On the field it is the CAPTAIN'S JOB to ensure that noone is slacking off and that intenstiy is maintained. It is the playmaker's task to direct the runners and make sure there are several men in motion. Monaghan does not seem to be doing this.


First Grader
Well said mate I think this is a concession that Monas wasn't being helped because of the lack of men running onto the ball.

The tigers had 3 or 4 players ready to run onto it. The second half we looked like wooden spooners and the Tigers looked like the Broncos...........Very bloody sad!


Journey Man
Well said mate I think this is a concession that Monas wasn't being helped because of the lack of men running onto the ball.

There is however a caveat. He bears a lot of the responsibility to make it happen as captain and so-called playmaker.


Journey Man
Agree that we have no runners, how ever i have seen monas yelling and gesturing his troops to run, you can lead a horse to water but cant make it drink. The players just arnt moving, usually he runs across field trying to find anyone moving forward, and luckily for us BK, Beaver or watmough run when he get out far enough. I get the feeling we are not practising much if any attack during the week and it is showing. When Witt gets the ball it looks worse, as if they do not have any idea of what to do. It has been a long time since we had more than 1 player running for either half to pass to. If we do get Orford then i hope we fix this as we will not see any real improvement if he has no one to pass to and we will not get the best out of him.

Over the last few weeks im leaning towards Orford 7, Monas 6, Willo and Dunley as the Hooking combo. Orford and Hicks can kick. Monas has offered more than Witt at second reciever, and our attack has been structured with the playmakers on one side a lot recently.


First Grader
I agree flufster. Since the Penrith game Witt hasn't offered much in attack.

The lack of experience in the PLers was amasing. But they missed a kick up the backsides from Tezza and BK!

But maybe the fill PLers simply arn't good enough.


Journey Man
Good, constructive post Fluffy.

If we're not practising attack it also doesn't seem as though we've hit the tackle bags in a while.

I wonder what does happen out there at Narabeen? Chad's tips on walking down the catwalk - lapped up by Hicks and Co?


Journey Man
Even though i know your joking the scary thing is it makes sence.

The longer this season goes on the more something doesnt seem right. The bad thing is its starting to point towards the training side as much as individual performances. We can only hope that we finish the year with Watmough, and Hecks back, King back so morewood and cleal arnt required as well would help. Also im keeping my fingers crossed that monas will play on the left more and get a combo going with Beaver Bk and Alberts, the signs were there against the knights.

Chip and Chase

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Agree whole heartedly. However the repsonsibility for organising the attack on the field has to lay with someone, and I would assume that this would be Monas in his dual role as playmaker and Captain. It really is unacceptable for your dummy half or first receiver to look up and see absolutely no options, they become sitting ducks. I've even seen this scenario half a dozen times from tap restarts on our own 20m, where the player taking the tap looks up to see a group of players with hands on hips looking around for volunteers. Of course they then get smashed about 21m out and it takes 2 or 3 more rucks to get the ball past the 30m line because we have lost the momentum and initiative.

I fail to understand how in this day and age of proffessional play that the players do not know what their roles are in any given set of six depending on where our field position is. Although in fairness I would get a bit gun shy if I was one of the players in motion and I continually received the ball a millisecond before reaching the line as I gaze into the whites of the eyes of the opposition as he cocks his shoulder.


UFO Hunter

It won our first couple of games. We ran away 'eventual' winners. Now that everyone is match fit, we're starting to struggle.

I've always thought you can't have Des, Blocka, Cleal, PP around the side with Toovey so far away in PL. Who is going to coach the backs? No wonder our forwards have been so dominent.


agreed Mata.

I also believe some responsibility has to come down to Des as well. He afterall trains them.. and gives them set plays or whatever.. He has to get the team FOCCUSSED. In a game its too late. They have to be prepared by the time they run on the field.

Come on Des... your letting your boys slack off! Give em heaps this week.
Team P W L PD Pts
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14 7 7 37 16
15 8 7 -8 16
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14 6 7 13 15
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