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I cannot believe what a kick in the teeth mundine is to the aboriginal people. One hand raving about his heritage, then becomes a muslim?????????????????

I thought they worshipped the earth, dreamtime etc...


Journey Man
If you are going to take that approach then you strike a number of prominent Christian aboriginals off the list on the basis they are not animists too.

Many of these have achieved a lot of good for their people despite their apparent "heresy".

Good to see the Telegraph and Wilkins shown up for what they are


First Grader
Matabele still hasn't offered me any evidence that he has done any good for his "people"

But i'm not surprised he cant find anything.


[quote author=Fro]
Kirribili for Dinner I think ;)
Where are the spelling police Fro when needed???? :yeah:
:yeah: :yeah: :cop:
Do we have a grammer Cop here somewhere.


[quote author=Fro]
Kirribili for Dinner I think ;)
Where are the spelling police Fro when needed???? :yeah:
:yeah: :yeah: :cop:
Is there a grammer cop in the house???

Canteen Worker

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Where is the spelling police? (Is that what you want.) However Police can be considered both singular and plural: Police is generally used as an abbreviation for Policemen or Policeman.

Where is the spelling Policeman? Where are the spelling Policemen?

Very pedantic and nit-picky Earl!!! :lol: ;)

PS It is grammar, not grammer. :cop:

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