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Should we lose on Saturday night (as expected) I shall bid thee all farewell for an extended period. I just cannot bear the thought of waiting at least another 12 months for a taste os September action. I shall have to find something else to engage my energy and passion.

As the game is in Canberra on Saturday night I suggest as many of us as possible congregate on this site to keep up with scores and commiserate with each other. We will be a laughing stock for the next week so we might as well shore each other up.

Forward to the abyss.


Kim Jong Dan
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caaarrrnnn dude its going to be hard but damn man!


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Mata - we have a chief play maker next year, and a centre I rate as one of the top 4 in the world.

I'm telling you champ - top 4 next year. Even Hecks is coming good. We have offloaded Donald & Randall & Harris who provide US with little value, and we have great juniors coming through the ranks.

I will be VERY dissapointed if you log off, because I consider you a friend enough to hang around for nothing else but to have a chat occassionally.

I would have thought you valued some friendships more mate.


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Now now Ryan. There's always e-mail and I have a great debate with Dan to attend to. I shall be around but there would be no point in me re-hashing the same maudlin nonsense week after week regarding the parlous state of our club.


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But in reality Matabele who do you want to listen. I admit that most of your dark predictions were correct.

1. Did you expect the club to take note of all you said and act on it?

2. Do you expect the forum readers to agree with all you say and demand the club to do all you suggest?

3. Are you disappointed that you copped plenty of flack early on by some forum readers and are disappointed you haven't received an open apology on MSE for your harsh treatment?


Journey Man
No - I've said my piece. No point in repeating it endlessly.

I might fire a parting shot to crow my accuracy.


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Ask Garts - I repeat my same old crap repetatively, and I wouldn't discriminate if you did either Mata. Plus I like how you make them all run with their tails between there legs.

Here we go.....LoL


, if we offlaod donald/harris and randall what will we talk about all off season ???? oh yeah thats right we still have monaghs and King!


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I am going to have to fess up that I agree with Mata and can't believe it took me most of the season to realise it - BK has got to be captain. The sooner the better. That has got to be worth at least 3 pages.


Journey Man

I'm sure I can get 2000 words up on the grevious mistake it was to make Monaghan captain.

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