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Someone asked the guy what he thought of Brett Stewart said the paper the other day:-

His response was "Brett who? I don't follow that game anymore."

What is dead set going on there? Obviously not a happy camper. Hopefully because of NZ Warriors & NOT Manly.
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He does follow it I reckon,coz he is on a lot of shows and seems to have a good enough knowledge of it,but he has heaps of TV commitments over here. He is banned from Ericcson Stadium for pumping the bosses mrs
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DEAD SET!!!That's a crack up so to speak. Does he have something against Manly do you know?
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He left Manly on poor terms and didn't last long at the Warriors. My guess is that there is no love lost with a few Many people as he was superleague aligned and the club was ARL.
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I would doubt it,although 96 was a bad year for him I suppose,but I know he cherises that Grand Final

Yep,Nicky Watson has been in Ralph,FHM etc and he lived with her for 18 months.

He and Marc Ellis are in Japan at the moment doing a TV show and it is the funniest thing you have ever seen,Ridge in sumo gear etc. Last night he lost a challenge so Ellis put 2 blowdarts into his arse,and they weren't small lol
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Damn...Why don't we get quality tele like that.

I would so love a 24hr Rugby League Channel. You could put ESL, NRL & even French and Club league on it. You could do segments with retired & current players & that.


Ridge used to live near our unit in Queenscliff and had a blonde hottie for a Misses- that was in his playing days !
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I remember one weekend in 96 leaving Brookie immediately at the end of a game as I had to get to my parents in law. I stopped for petrol at Balgowlah BP about 20 mins from full time and Ridgey and some gorgeous doll pulled in minutes after me. He obviously didn't hang around with the boys after the game and was very keen to get away!

He was the ultimate professional though and had a great game that day!
I remember when Ivan Cleary was hanging around in Ressies with the occassional games in 1sts when Ridgey was injured. Even with Ivan showing he was clearly 1st grade material & being a goal kicking fullback, Cleary claimed Ridge never even gave him the time of day let alone act as a mentor.

Having said that & listening to other comments about him, I still loved watching him play & I still reckon he executed the greatest kick-off ever in a Grand Final.

You know what I'm talking about fellow Mighty Sea-Eagle supporters.
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My St G supporter friends still argue about that one - However it is on the scoreboard. I was sitting right in front of where Beaver scored that try!!!!

Great day and not too many since - post season!!!
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That was Ridgies old misses PJ,she dropped him for Adam Parore,and Ridge moved to Nicky Watson,I think she is over-rated,but was voted the hottest chick over here,I will try and find a pic

He and Ellis are best mates and put out some very funny TV shows taking the piss out of each other


Yep that was her !
She was great to perv on- Paul Hogan and his 2nd misses Linda (not Nolene) used to live in the house next door in Queenscliff and we got to look down on their swimming pool. Eventually Linda started to pack it on so it was good to be able to move onto Ridgey Didges misses....
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That wouldn't be here PJ,she was recent

This would


Yes that was her - I knew the previous one was Nikky ! How did you track a pic down of this one?
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Ridge was a constant source of frustration for me. He was a great player and a born competitor, but all my non-Manly mates used to ride me about him being a cat. Thing was I agreed with them in my head but had to remain loyal to the Sea Eagles and defend his honour. I was sort of glad when he left.

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