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Is all this talk about him been linked with Manly next season all talk or have Manly spoken to him and he's been interested?

Personally I think he'll be a great signing for Manly and would really help out in the back line, in defence and attack. If he were number 4 he would give great ball to Donald. Then with Lyon in 2007 number 3, give great ball to Hicks – Manly would have the unstoppable back line.
MM, it would seem it is all speculation at this stage. It is against anti-tampering laws to talk to any contracted player (without permission) up until June 30.

That said, a lot of managers are hawking up unsigned players trying to drum up interest to drive up their prices.

King is sure to be chased by a lot of clubs, Manly included and any retention committee would be mad not to be interested. I am sure the club is not saying anything officially but hopefully he is on our shopping list.
We need some real class out wide, I hope they have a crack at one of the top line centres.
mate hes signed for sure, along with joel monaghan and timana tahu! will probably have to start in reggies behind those two superstars! ;) ;)
the talk - managers and forum users and media create it. Everyone can work out we need a centre and we are on the way up - so they assume (correctly i hope) that we would be after him
Matt King............. !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:


1. Stewart
2. Donald
3. Alberts
4. King
5. Hicks


1. Stewart
2. King
3. Alberts
4. Lyon
5. Hicks

That is weighing a lot on the fact that Alberts will hold the goods, and also the fact that he doesn't go to the Gold Coast in 2007 due to the fact that he is a queenslander. If he is a flop......... King back into the centres with Don on the wing.
I have hopes that Matt King grew up watching his older brother playing for Manly and would like to play here to

Probably living in a fantasy land though
how lucky are we that joel monaghan went to the roosters because he hasnt shown any value over about 150k recently.
We are allowed to express interest in a player before the deadline and obviously we have alot of dosh to spend. The media likes to put 2 and 2 together and sometimes they get 5.
I think that after frontloading a few contracts last year, plus the loss of Hoppa and Terry. As well as possibly some other blokes off-contract. Also Randall would be looking at a downgrade.

We would have round about 500 - 600K to spend IMO.
Randall's contract is something of a mystery.

I'd think it's reasonably big dollars and that the downgrade he deserves will free up some room under the salary cap.

However, someone who is apparently in the know says that his contract was signed in his teenage years and isn't all that large.

Who can tell?
Sad that technically King was one of ours as a Norths junior in the Beagle days.

Technically he was a northern beagle junior, not a manly junior.

Never will that be one of ours

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