Matt King Re Signs with Storm


Kim Jong Dan
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Perhaps thats why we could afford monas :D
UFO Hunter
I was going to say that too daniel.

The other think I was going to say was:

Journey Man
Or perhaps the Monas re-signing precipitated the other.

We might as well get used to being happy with making the 8 for the next decade. I think Premierships are out of the question.

You can't run a club by sentiment.
UFO Hunter
Oh mata you can't honestly say that because we re sign one player, in a position that is so far un-determined for the future that we have no chance at a premiership.

Im sure your opinion will change if we secure orfords sig and monas moves to 9! Then we will have a chance, and monas will still be in the side.
Journey Man
I doubt Orford will come my friend. He and King are good mates and Orford decides his future tomorrow.
UFO Hunter
****E! I listened to king on the radio yesterday, on ABC after their win over the tigers and he was really talking about how much he likes melbourne side and wants people to take notice. He also said orford puts a lot into the side and loves it where he is. To be honest it really didn't surprise me. I am getting sick of all these rumors though, but its to be expected just 1 month off from silly season.
Just remember Mata, you can't buy the comp either. Easts & Parra have been doing it for twenty years & only got one each. We need the best of both worlds.
Orford told us to stick it up our arses once, let's not let him do it again. He was quite happy to play for the Beagles but not a Manly run outfit. Guilty as charged.
Have it known that if he comes I will support him but be waiting for him to lose commitment if it gets too hard.
UFO Hunter
He was actually sacked for Kimmorly diff and he was quite happy at manly before that ****. Its a shame how badly the club was run for a while their.
Reserve Grader
duff my good man i think you will find we flicked orford to have one b. kimmorley in the side,i think orford would be the one thinking they have flicked me once will they do it again
I'm willing to accept that as I didn't pay much attention to 1st grade during those years. Not how I remembered it though.
That sounds like the sort of sh1t Norths would do. :D
Reserve Grader
if you werent paying much attention to first grade then what the **** were you paying attention too,surely the jim beam cup cant be that good
I was at a few reserve grade Satdy arvos when Norths were supporting the Beagles. Some days there were up to twenty of us at the ground. One thing was that I sure as sh1t wasn't having anything to do with the Bears. May they rot in pain.
No true fan would've supported the destuction of our history Mata, I support the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, no more no less & have done since before I even knew about it.
No true fan would've supported the destuction of our history Mata, I support the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, no more no less & have done since before I even knew about it.

Journey Man
he is right volley

manly were dead in the nrl in those years.

superleague killed us for a while

and to have a go at him went he used to go on his own to watch PL play just shows how little you know
Yeah sorry Volley, I actually support the Dogs. Forgot that.
We got lucky that the merge failed & we could do the dirty on Norths. If the Beagles were at the top & getting 20K+ fans every week we'd still be doing it & I'd still be on my own at Brooky on Satdy arvo's.
I'm not ripping into anything other than the fact he said true fans wouldn't support the NE. Sorry if I seemed like I was knocking Duff's committment, which was obviously still there and top notch.

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