Match Summary. Manly win 26-16

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yup I think thats a good idea, steppa was good when he was on.

Actually i can say that he has improved a lot since last year especially defensively. i would like to see him in and hicks on the wing, we would have a decent ack line then with speed on both sides. Dont know if any of you saw tezza's tries on the news earlier but they looked fantastic and glad I got to see them again. He showed some hot pace, I was very very impressed
My daughter just came in and said she couldn't believe it - Tezza outpacing younger backs. Said it looked sensational. Sorry I missed it, I am!
He looked fairly quick on the news, quicker than i expected. I dont know that we will see 90m tries but up to 50 he has the goods.

Im with you guys Steppa in Hoppa out

Steppa will have to play with Scotty - Hill is always on the opposite side of the park, Hicks side from last year.

Ive been impressed mostly by sterppa and Dunley. These 2 must be causing coaching headaches
I agree with those 2 but Witt has the kicking game we have needed for so long.

Dunley has to be shoe in for Hooker, he looks the goods to play 80 minutes which is what we need, he also isnt as injury prone as Rad Chandall
he looks the goods to play 0 minutes which is what we need,

We wanted 0 minutes last year because of all the penalties he gave away.

Now that he has fixed up his act we want 80
Still too young I think. We need to field as much experience as we can this year, and I think that measn steppa ftits the bill he has SOME experience, pace and looks like he wil be solid
Luchetti will take time to make PL by the looks of it. It wont be until mid season before we have any idea if he has the goods
Hill and Hicks.. oh man our fastest man outside Hill.. :mrgreen:

Steppa looks the goods in attack. I hope his defence is more solid as he could be an outstanding player especially under the guidance of Tezza.
his defense has looked good in the 2 trials.
2. Ron
3. Stepup
4. Up a
5. Hiccups

That backline would give me a hell of a lot more confidence come round 1 IMO. Give Hicks time to settle in after his shoulder op as well.

Man Hill looked rejuvenated on the news, he was quick, he could bust tackles, he supported well, and he can tackle. Something we longed for all of last year. Not to mention his experience combined with Flya and John F., plus the added ability of Steve's Brother at 5/8. We are lookin a lot stronger than last year in all of our weakest areas.
yup looking heaps better and thats a much better backline than last night. Still we won
Other "off field " highlights from Saturday:

* The generous offer by Ryan to be designated driver , whilst Daniel & Myself drank beers in his car.
* The altercation between Daniel & a rather robust woman. Apparntly the word "dickhead " is highly offensive to the people of Albion Park. Thankfully the situation was quelled otherwise she would have put the 3 of us in hospital.
* Fashion in the fields - some of the clothing we saw was nothing short of comical. It reminded me of the footy show presentation that Tezza used to do from Dapto dogs.
* After missing the turn off & heading for Jamberoo ( where you control the action ) , we pulled over & I asked a shopkeeper for directions. He gave me some obsure instructions that he said would lead us to the "stadium ". I think he meant to say paddock.
* The arrival of Blocker & Crusher. This picture of health had the 3 of us in stitches. I though they were going to need a harness to get them up the stairs. Thankfully they made it.
* Going up to the beer stand 10 minutes before kick off with a $20 note & being asked if I had anything smaller. " Jesus Wept "
* The organisers for installing 9 portaloos for the 7000 patrons.
* The errors in the official match program.
# 13 for Manly - Seve Menzies
the page #1 welcome to Dragons fans . " Happy 2000 footy season to all Dragons supporters "
* As we were walking back to the car , we were admiring a rather attractive young lady. Then she opened her mouth & was heard to say " My f#@kin feet are killin me " Very classy !!
* The drive back to Sydney in the fog. Visibility 5 metres.
* The possibility of Ryan scoring himself a speed camera fine on the freeway. Although Daniels seems to think it was the car next to us , I tend to disagree. We may need to hold some fundraising activities in the next few weeks to assist Ryan with this payment.
* Returning back to Manly Leagues Club & attempting to play snooker on a full size table. Game time - 50 minutes & we didn't finish.
* staying out in Manly till 4am. Didn't see too much of Sunday.

All in all , a good day / night out !!
thats a pretyt good summary, i forgot about the 1800's jack ripper style fog on the drive back.

I still content that the camera got the van.

I ended up hitchiking half way home instead of walking :D
Go me.

I still feel like ****
I just think they wanted to get out for the night, they didnt care. I t was mainly dragons supporters though

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