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Not a good loss for the Sea Eagles and the first half was a shocker.

Matabele reports that Manly had little ball and seemed overawed in the first 20 mins. The team defended quite well in this period but the floodgates really opened in the next 20 and we never recovered. Two quick tries at the start of the second half and it was All Over, Red Rover.

Matabele also reported that we seemed to lack experience in playing in big games at night - we made uncustomary errors and didn't live up to the hype.

To turnover so much ball to Brisbane was fatal and a few refereeing decisions went against us. He was not complimentary to the ref.

Mata nominated Witt as Manly's best and said that he took control of the rucks and directed traffic effectively, taking on greater responsibility. Brett Stewart made some silly mistakes but saved tries and gave 100% whilst Watmough and Dunley were their busy selves. The feeling was that Kite and Watmough were the only two forwards that really dug in and had a go.

Stephenson and Donald both had shockers and were totally outclassed on the left side of the field. Ben Kennedy seemed to favour his left leg and the feeling was that he is far from fit.

Positives were few but it was good was that our defence held under immense pressure in the first 20 minutes - pity about the last 10.

Manly fans made a lot of noise but generally there wasn't much to cheer about. One supporter three rows behind them gave absolutely heaps. Mata did point out that we won the second half but that means nothing when you start so far behind - though at the 50 minute mark it looked like 70 was on the cards. Thankfully Lockyer kicked awfully!!

Here ends a sad night for the Manly Sea Eagles. It remains to be seen whether we can recover to bounce back against the Tigers on Mothers' Day. It will be interesting to see what this loss means, later in the season.


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Mate - seems what i saw on the TV - a crap ref and a side that wasnt set pu to win

I thought that King was great and watmough was our best by far
anyone who thinks the ref had too much to do with that demolition has lost their marbles.i sat 5 yards from the was men against boys.beaten up in the forwards and no direction in the halves.we tried but they are a far better merely highlights we are 6- 8 level side.i have no problem with that-we simply have to find the players in the next couple of years to take the next step.half and centre and we will be in the mix.


Journey Man
Clarke's major gaffe was the penalty against Hicks in the play the ball. It was 10-0 at the time. The penalty should have been ours and had we scored from that it might have been a game at 10-6. Instead they score and then get two more shortly after off horrific Manly mistakes fielding the kick.

We were under the pump for the entire first half and I agree with Sue that we were getting thrown around like rag dolls at times.

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