Matai - Warned by the Club

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Canteen Worker

First Grader
The Saturday Manly Daily has run a story which reports that Matai has been warned by the club about drunkeness in a local hotel. He has been put on notice by the club and will be discipline.

"SEA Eagles centre Steve Matai has been ordered to deal with ``ongoing'' alcohol issues and will be disciplined by his club after verbally assaulting and threatening a young worker at the Ivanhoe Hotel on Sunday."

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Not good at all. I dont know what it is but Islanders seem to have some serious issues when they are on the piss, see and hear about it all the time.

Hope he receives his wakeup call and takes it, something Faumuina didnt do, otherwise he can depart early from his contract if he slips up much more, can't have this sort of stuff in the papers. Good action from the club imo


Lisa Capozzi

SEA Eagles centre Steve Matai has been ordered to deal with ``ongoing'' alcohol issues and will be disciplined by his club after verbally assaulting and threatening a young worker at the Ivanhoe Hotel on Sunday.

The 22-year-old woman refused Matai service at 4.20am because he was drunk, prompting a verbal attack from the New Zealand international player.

The North Balgowlah woman, who did not want to be named, resigned over the issue, claiming hotel security did not support her decision to stop serving alcohol to Matai.

According to a family friend of the woman, Matai called her ``every name under the sun'' and tried to leap over the bar.

``He was pointing at her and swearing, saying `you f--ing bitch, I f--ing pay your wages, I know who you are and I know where you are','' the friend alleged.

``She called security but they came and said it was OK to serve him.

``She said it wasn't and called more security, who dragged him away andescorted him off the premises.''

The woman reported the incident to police yesterday afternoon, but a formal complaint was not made so the matter will not be investigated.

Matai did not return the Daily's calls but Manly CEO Grant Mayer confirmed the club was made aware of the incident on Thursday and would take action.

``In the last 12-18 hours we have spoken to the hotel, to the police and to Steve Matai,'' Mr Mayer told the Daily yesterday.

``It is highly embarrassing for Steve and he is very remorseful about it.

``He has been given the young lady's number and he is trying feverishly to get hold of her to apologise.

``We have left a message ... that Steve Matai would love to speak to her and apologise.''

When contacted by the Daily, the woman would not comment, saying she was angry about the incident but just wanted it to ``go away''.

Mr Mayer stressed there was no violence involved in the incident but said ``action will be taken.''

In January, Matai was acquitted of headbutting Mona Vale's Joseph Nasser at the Surf Rock Hotel at Collaroy on June 10 last year.


lets face it, you dont have to be to bright to be a successful footballer, and lets face it hes a dumb footballer as far as the way he plays on the field, so its no suprise that he is a complete goose off it.

Its very rare that a manly player is involved with a late night pub incident, but it seems that when it does happen Mattai is always in the middle of it.


its all over FOX sports news as well, great for the club. Thats 2 strikes for Stevie as far as im concerned.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
We here at Silvertails Toastmasters would now like to welcome to the podium new member DSM5 who will deliver his inaugural speech entitled "Mattai is sh!t"


First Grader
You've gotta love the mongrel in him, a boys, or is it the piss? Excellent bookend article to that one on Monnas. The Ying and the Yang really. The publicity we're all wanting? I've said it from the time I've been posting, the guy's a liability, but I didn't know it was of the field as well. Go the mongrel.

Spuds Bodyguard

Reserve Grader
The stupidist part about it is that he knows that he is a dick on the piss this came form the bloke himself and he stopped drinking for most of the last couple of years because he got into too much trouble as a kid.
As well as losing a bit of firepower in the forwards it is a shame we lost Kylie Lelulei too because they were good mates and he kept mattai on the straight and narrow to a certain extent


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
oh well lets hope he gets disciplined into PL for the rest of the season

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