Matai - any news?


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I saw them potentially giving him a needle to carry on, so I don't think it's a long lasting injury. But that's only a guess of coarse.


Gee I guess if he is out for a while we might just have to put jamie Lyon in his centre spot.


he is too smalkl and his shoulder too suspect to be a lock.

I can't imagine him taking on SBW, Mason, Pritchard etc as a forward.

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His hitups are gold and his defensive technique at the tackle is okay. It is his decision making that is still suspect. Hope he is okay for the start of next year.

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He has got about 4 months to get over it unless ihe has to have a full reconstruction

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It is his decision making that is still suspect.

And his temperament CW. If he can transform his mindset of "aggression" to being "determination" then he has the talent to go a long way.

I think he will be OK, injury wise. He has had that same pained expression every time he was hit hard last season. He will be OK.


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[quote author=mellonhead]
Yep,its a full reconstruction..... out for up to 8 months....
Do you know if he has had a crook shoulder for awhile ?

He seemed to get onfield treatment a a fair bit towards the end of the season.

apparently it was made worse by the Huge chip he was carrying around on it :D ;)


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Was at Westpac Helicopter Charity Golf Day yesterday, The Johns bros where there..... it was a discussion topic at the 19th Hole. Matthew had actually spoken to Matai that morning about the extent of the injury... they are waiting on specialists to decide when and how they will go about the surgery.

They also said that it was "common knowledge" amongst the teams that you target Matai around the shoulders as it was suspect, and that his tackling style didn't help....they suggested it was similar to the problems that Benji Marshall has with his shoulers. They said that if they didn't change their styles their careers would be limited by continuous shoulder injuries. They laughed at the suggestion that Matai could be a lock?


Great Info,
Thanks Mellonhead.
Although , you have me salivating at the idea of playing in one of those Charity Golf events.

What to do with Matai now. Although Im sure the club already know what they were going to do with him. So Johns scoff at the idea at lock. Id go with what they think and not place him there. No good on the wing , Im leaning to Lyon in 5/8 but why move a world class centre to fit in an average one. Ahhhhhhhh. Who knows. :doh:


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I think its the first any of us have heard of a suss shoulder and even attempting to compare shoulders with the Oztag Champ is laughable. I would of told the Johns boys to get off the white stuff.

But I would agree that Matai isn't a lock. His defence is still ordinary at times.
There is a report posted at Fort Brookie by BE that Matai will not need surgery and will be back in full training after Christmas

Also says how Bozo thinks Lyon should play 5/8 with Bell & Matai in centres but Dessie is undecided

Now who is going to argue with the great Bonzo


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They reckon the shoulder injury is cronic, and if they don't operate Matai will find himself out more often than in... the shoulder won't last the season....

We all wondered why he was so close to the trainers in the last part of the season and Tri Nations.

Byso you can disagree with me if you want!, and you will, but lets wait to see what pans out next season?


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Adam Lucius

INTERNATIONAL Manly centre Steve Matai has been cleared of serious injury and will start the 2007 NRL season - but what position he will play has become even more unclear.

Matai's outstanding Tri-Nations series with New Zealand has left Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler with a big decision to make over the off-season. There have been calls to shift Matai to lock, which would allow new signing Jamie Lyon to partner Steve Bell in the centres with Travis Burns at five-eighth.

Yeah one of your Best Mellonhead .............................. Maybe your Nickname should be Portaloo :lol:

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