Mata, the Realist, puts head in noose

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Journey Man
I think we will 2 maybe 3 from the next 4 games. I think you lads are underselling the team if it remains at full strength.

Just quietly, I wouldn't be making too many plans for October 1 that don't involve watching the Grand Final. My only caveat is that we don't suffer any injuries/suspensions over the next two months to the following players:


Stranger things have happened.


First Grader
If we beat Newcastle I think it will give us the confidence to knock over the Bunnies, and either the Dogs or Melb.

If we lose to Newc I think we will only beat the Bunnies.


First Grader
If we don't beat the Knights we don't really have the right to stand in the top six. We need to step up now and earn our spot. We can't afford to rely on other teams losing to remain there nor should we. What's needed is a good strong start and to be steady for the full eighty. We have the cattle to do this but I am concerned with the coaching staff having the goods to get them there.

Chip and Chase

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There is nothing like having a bit each way for your "I told you so" posts is there.

So the shambolic team of underacheiving and overpaid misfits, coached by a narrow minded risk averse fool and administered by a drunken moron are now Grand Final bound.

Must be a slow news day.

I want to know what REALLY happened in the dressing shed after the Penrith game. Did yours and Kingy's eyes meet across the crowded room ?? Be still my beating heart.


This Friday nights game is essentially a semi final for us and will dictate whether we are really contenders or just pretenders.

A lot depends on what Johns does on the night and unfortunately he appears to be gearing himself up for semi final football.

Really we should be a stronger team this year with the addiitonal of ox and Bell but we need to win 3 of the next 4 games to get sufficient momentum up for the finals.

If we lose of first semi then we have not progressed from last year.


Reserve Grader
Any bets as to who will be lining up for the first tackle on John's. It's been an interesting week of speculation up here in Newcastle.... if you go to any of the clubs around here the discussion is about how much is Kennedy going to hurt Johnsie.... all week the rumours have been flying about Johnsie hitting on (or more) with Kennedys mrs.... I reckon its crap but most of these one eyed morons (Newcastle supporters) reckon it happened, and the scariest thing is their not related either.

For my crystal ball trick....we'll beat Newcastle by 8 (couple of late trys in second half), reckon we'll be behind by 12 at some time in the first half. Reckon John is ready for another injury....he's not used to playing a long season.


Journey Man
There is nothing like having a bit each way for your \"I told you so\" posts is there.

So the shambolic team of underacheiving and overpaid misfits, coached by a narrow minded risk averse fool and administered by a drunken moron are now Grand Final bound.

Must be a slow news day.

I want to know what REALLY happened in the dressing shed after the Penrith game. Did yours and Kingy's eyes meet across the crowded room ?? Be still my beating heart.

A few corrections:

1. Yes Hasler is risk averse but it is Byso that has issues with his coaching, not me.

2. The drunken moron is not Mr Cummings who is currently our CEO.

3. The side is still carrying too many passengers (King, Williamson, Minogue and to a lesser extent Monaghan, Dunley and Bryant). However, we have close to the best backrow in the competition, a quality halfback and a five eighth that complements him well, a brilliant (competition best in my book) fullback and a strike centre. Our 1,6,7,9 combination is not world beating but would certainly rate with the better teams.

What I did see in the dressing sheds was a lot of comaraderie between the players (with one notable exception who will remain nameless) and a lot of confidence in the coach from the people in the club that count. So yes, you could say I came away from the sheds with a lot more confidence based on viewing the team dynamics that are needed for success.


Journey Man
Ive made plans for the 1st, just glad its a night final as i should be back by then

I wouldnt be shocked but i wouldnt put the house on it, that said i think outside the top 2 we at full strength are pretty much on par with the rest.


Journey Man
We have had significant victories over both of the top 2. I guess we will see where we stand in weeks 25 and 26.


Reserve Grader
I think we've got a great run to the finals if we step up. I think the team has played well as a unit recently, and with the players coming back fixing up problems we've had in recent games, we look in pretty good shape.
None of the games coming up are 'easy', so if we can win the majority of them I think we'll be in good form for the finals.
And I expect us to beat Newcastle well. I'm really not convinced that they aree contenders. They make too many errors, look to be lacking in they're fowards, and apart from Johns, Buderus and Simpson they seem to lack class.


Put it this way the next 4 weeks (starting with a win on friday) is up to the players desire and committment to achieve personal and team goals. I think the signs look good even the loss to Parramatta (given their form and self belief).

Who is the nameless player in the sheds ? hints ?

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
[quote author=troyoze]
Who is the nameless player in the sheds ? hints ?

My guess would be Monas or Princess. I don't think we are about to find out in a hurry though!!

mata = teaser


They struggle to put 3-4 good games together back to back, I'm not sure they can go through 4 weeks of pressure games without one or two **** performances, same can be said for Orford.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I take Mata's comments with a grain of salt. This is the man who bet Sue Ridgepipe that Jason King would play State of Origin this year.

How can we take anything he says seriously ever again??? :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:


Premium Member
Does anyone seriously believe the new rhetoric that is now coming from the keyboard of Matabele.

Clearly one of the following has occurred:

He has been reaquainted with Mary J
He is seeking to become an Eagle Rocker (I will nominate you)
The "free lunch" enjoyed by saild Matabele was in fact accompanied by some weird hypnotic spell.

Personally I believe none of the above crap but do believe that this site is simply experiencing the eye of a cyclone. The storm is brewing and will no doubt intensify to Category 5 level in the very near future.

I do however take exception with the fact that MM is underperforming. He has been one of our most consistent players all year, his defence is exceptional, his long kicking game is better than average and his character cannot be questioned after the match against Penrith when he returned to the field after suffering a badly broken nose.


Premium Member
To be fair to MM the club placed him in a very diificult position when he was told that he was wanted for 2006.

The rest of the story is history, but put yourself in his position. I am damm sure I would be very uncomfortable when in the company of my bosses ifthey had wanted me out of the organisation but a white knight saved my arse.

Lets not blame MM for the position in which he finds himself. Despite all the crap he has endured in the past 12 months his form this year has not suffered and he made a real go of the 9 jersey.

Well done MM.

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