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Masters games 2021


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Jun 19, 2010
I know this is a long way off but it could be a great goal to get a few teams of silvertails for touch footy or table tennis , maybe cricket is less running or whatever. Its in perth, dates not yet decided but generally around october.

Its mixed aged groups and heaps of fun.
There seems to enough in the age bracket on here and maybe we can reach out and get some old members interested

Plenty of time to get some fitness up and have a goal and get some community about the joint. Training as a group would basicly be non existent to a point but who cares . If you can trot about the place, score a few , have some laughs and a beer .and get fit then why not

There are stacks of age groups on a sliding scale that include dudes and gals or some solo

There is room for non playing roles too you would suspect

Anyway its an idea and nothing else is doing


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Sep 8, 2010
Would be in that idea 100%, but a long way from Qld....see how the year pans out...maybe a holiday option come Oct ??
Touch footy and Table Tennis...and the bar would be my specialties...


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Jun 17, 2010
I played in one years ago, when it was on the GC. Couldn’t believe how many ex-nrl players were playing. It was great fun, until we played a side that contained Ewan McGrady. He was in his early 40s.....holy shiit....he was unbelievable. I remember shaking hands with him at the end (after they flogged us), and said to him, he should still be in the NRL. It was a great competition, but being able to stand around after games having beers and being able to talk to some of the legends of Rugby League was definitely the highlight for me.

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