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mason signs with dogs.4 years.1.5 million.

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by sue ridgepipe, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. sue ridgepipe

    sue ridgepipe Active Member

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  2. Volley

    Volley Well-Known Member

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    Meh, he's a wanker. Suits the club perfectly.
  3. sue ridgepipe

    sue ridgepipe Active Member

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    a wanker who can play unfortunately.with omeley,sonny bill,mason,ryan and matua in their pack you will see a lot of them in the septembers to come.
  4. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member 2018 Tipping Competitor

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    Salary Cap?
  5. sue ridgepipe

    sue ridgepipe Active Member

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    means anasta must leave.has no choice.open the chequebooks please.orford and anasta are the last top halves on the market for quite a while im afraid.all the other notables are tied up past this year.
  6. PEPSI

    PEPSI Active Member

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  7. mcatt

    mcatt Active Member

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    I don't think we have the money to compete for Anasta. Next year John Sutton is off contract at Souths so I would be very interested in seeing him in Manly colours. The 3 players I would be very interested in this year would be Orford (moving Monas to hooker), Bell (we NEED centers) and Ashley Harrison (I think we could try him at 5/8 next year, to start the season atleast, and he would eventually take the lock position to help cover the coming losses of BK and Beaver).
  8. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    mcatt, all three would be good buys. Not sure if we are in the market for any. Souths are cashed up and a few clubs will be splashing money around pre the entrance to the Gold Coast where the market will really go ballistic.
  9. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

    +5,894 /220
    Anasta would do us more good than another half back.

    Id say he is worth a fair bit to us - we need a 5/8th.

    Ashley harrison would be good, but where to fit him until BK and Beaver retire? I think if they are both up to it they will run around in 2007 if we are still on track to be a force (and lyon shows up)

    Try for bell or lolesi, offer him the one year if he wants the gold coast and then get lyon
  10. jamesie

    jamesie Active Member

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    What Salary Cap???? : :?: :?: :?:

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