Martin Test cricketer of the year!

First Grader
Martin Aussie Test cricketer of the year!

So how do you like them apples Martin Baggers?
Journey Man
I guess we know who the people are that kept Martyn in the team when he should have been dropped. As if he deserved it over langer, who's 5 centuries were all under pressure and some were doubles.
Fully deserved for old Marytn. But how did Symonds get the One Day player of the year.

I reckon the voting format is a bit suss, because the players judge, so just say Lehmann gets a ton (highly unlikely I know), and so does Katich it will more than likely result in Lehmann getting more votes because he is more popular, hence his selection in the side over Katich.
Journey Man
Id say the same thing happened with Martyn over Langer. Surely Langers Doubles would have put him ahead in the test player.

Symonds is a bit of a Mystery, his big advantage was he played more ODI's than most, 26 if my memory serves me correct. When talking bowlers the next closest was Dizzy with 22 games then Lee and Kasper on about 16 each. Im sure the batsman are similar. Hard to poll high when you play less games. Anyhow thats how i think he got over the line.
Journey Man
I just dont like martyn. Took him 10 years to perform.

If we kept jye around for 5 years of nothing and then he had a ripper year would you be satisfied with him??
First Grader
Ahh Fluffy you stick to your guns gotta hand you that.

So would you select him to play in NZ?
Journey Man
I reakon he would have been dropped in 2003 and would struggle to get back. It also depends whether you are talking ODI or test. NZ ODI have won 22 of their last 25 or so. Hence he would struggle to make it there.
Journey Man
Depends on what grounds you base it on.

I think on his form yes, give him some time back in State cricket to get it together - Katich will replace him fine.

But if you take it on how they perservered with Martyn in tests and Symonds in ODI's then no way. He hasnt failed anywhere near as those 2 did.

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