Mars may be geologically active

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Mars, the red planet, may not after all be the dead planet. New research today by European scientists suggests that volcanoes on Mars last erupted only 2 million years ago and could erupt again. And dramatic photographs by a high-resolution stereoscopic camera aboard the European spacecraft Mars Express, in the journal Nature, suggest that glacial ice could survive on the western scarp of Olympus Mons, the biggest volcano in the solar system. Last week, Nature's US rival Science named the confirmation of water on Mars as the scientific breakthrough of 2004. But the revelation that Mars could be geologically "alive" is even more dramatic. Volcanos eject water and atmospheric gases, recycle mineral nutrients and reshape landscapes. The discovery once again raises the possibility that life might survive on Earth's colder, smaller, dustier neighbour.
I have no idea what you are talking about Fluffy. Can you give me a link or something? As fas as I know the moon is an air-less, arid, sterile rock and always has been.
I think he is talking about people who went to the moon astronaughts.

He didn't mention they couldn't live their without help. He just meerly stated that their has been life on the moon. While is correct.

Some people dispute the fact but their is too much evidence proving these statements incorrect.
Eagleboy i was just taking the piss.

No one else had replied to flips post it looked too lonely.
It looked lonly?????

After being their for 2 minutes???

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Thats ****en gold.
There are rabbits on the moon....


Or didn't anyone see the Goodies??

C'mon... the Transistorised Carrot?

Anyways, there could have once been life on Mars. There used to be mud... Good stuff ofr getting the life forces going... LOL
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