Manly's Junior Development Officers


Manly's Junior Development Officers

Hey guys I'm just curious who the Manly junior development officers are?

Im just wandering why Manly has such a lack of good young juniors. Yeah of course, our junior rugby league competition isn't the best, but shouldnt it be the responsibility of the junior recruitment officers to bring young (16-20 yr old) players to the club from other areas around the country? We havent really had many players in the last 2 years or so that is in between 16 and 20 that has played first grade. If i am wrong, feel free to correct me. Whilst in the last few years it cannot be argued our recruitment has improved, although more money should be spent on signing juniors aged between 16 and 20. It doesnt bother me either way, but it'd be nice having some young quality juniors coming through the ranks like the Wests Tigers, Parramatta and Penrith have.

Gee bye week is boring. Thats my rant for the week :drunk:


Manly's Junior Development Officers

No doubt a few more players should have made their debut by now in the eyes of a lot of supporters, Dazzler has different ideas.

The junior ranks have improved a lot over the last 3 years, thanks to the recruitment effort, but there will never be the quantity that other clubs get without much effort.

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Manly's Junior Development Officers

Noel Cleal is the main recruitment man

I wouldnt be concerned much that we dont have the young players playing 1st grade, coz for some if they get a run too early it can stuff their careers if they arent up to it

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Manly's Junior Development Officers

I think you are being too harsh. We don't have a huge pool of juniors - but our junior teams are competing pretty well. We are certainly in the market place and there is a sprinkling of good talent. Our Matthews team did very well this year, the Ball and Flegg were up there and the PL team is also okay.

We don't have an assembly line but there are some good young prospects. We just don't have the money to buy the state U18 team each year - but then again Jye Mullane was one such player!!!!

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