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Manly's backs

Listening to the radio updates today mention was made of Hicks who was apparently very pacey and did a lot of good things - also gave a wrap to Bullet who supposedly lurked around the rucks looking to support breaks. With Tezza and Moaners scoring doubles as well does this mean we played well in the backs?

How was Ashley Alberts today and is he looking the goods?

Why did other people take kicks at the end - was Witt injured or replaced?


Manly's backs

Witt was taken off.. Not sure why.. but he had a stinker..

Stewart was awesome today. Took every bomb they put up.. scored a good try and involved in another. Much better kick returns!

Donald.. very quiet.. didnt do too much.. scored 2 easy tries.. but at least hes getting in positions again.

Tezza was sublime today. he was back to his old self. Scored two tries and was carving up the Knights.

As above for Hicks.. Hicks first half was a bit dodgy.. dont know what Des said to him but it was like the Hicks of early last year. Welcome back Chris!

Alberts... a bit dissapointed with his handling.. if it was Stephenson and he made 2-3 basic errors like Alberts did he would be shot. He looked good in attack when he caught it.. looked good in patches though. He will come good though.

Much improved effort from the backs.. forwards were dissapointing though.. Beaver and Watmough were below par of their usual selves (beaver was backing up though)

DVS Matt

Manly's backs

a) Hicks played a lot better today. HOWEVER, he let in one of his characteristic tries i.e. rush in to help the centre when not needed and leaving the winger open to score.

b) Stewy was solid without being fantastic. Defused a few bombs and lurked around BK for a try and was getting a bit more involved.

c) Tezza played well, got under the skin of the opposition and scored a couple of good centres tries.

d) Ash had butter fingers today dropping about 3 balls, however, he had improved in defence and made 2 or 3 good breaks. 1 where he went solo, he has Donald on the outside in the open.

e) Witt didn't look injured, but he may of copped a bit of a knock. His kicking boot was a little off today missing the 1st 3 goals.

In conclusion, our backs got a lot more ball today and looked dangerous. Surprisingly our forwards were a bit of a let down. Pushing impossible passes etc.

If we could hang onto the ball we would of racked up 60-70 points.


Manly's backs

definately. The 20 minutes after the break was the most entertaining 20 minutes since the 20 against the Panthers lol


Manly's backs

the difference between ash and Steppa, while ASH made mistakes, he created opportunities, beat the defence, made long runs and passed to the winger.

dont forget it was his first game at brookie, along side the stars, big crowd etc. Steppa has played 20 first team games and has already been outclassed by this kid.


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Manly's backs

Flash Ash was always going to be given an opportunity. He has done well and will only improve with time. Remeber one of those dropped balls was a ball that was passed behind him when he was on the fly. 90% plus would have dropped it, or not attempted to catch it


Manly's backs

he also went in for some big hits, he cruched there winger i think chasing down our first kick of the game, on the grandstand side, it was aripper

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