Manly v Parra at Slime Stadium

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Manly stood up today without four stars and still managed to get the money. No easy feat being so far behind and with the Panthers having so much to play for.

Next week is another big game but vital for us as Brisbane and Dragons have opened the door to the top four race. With the buy and the Bunnies to come it is promoters dream.

Eagle fans - get out there to support the boys to get over the line against the Slimes!!!! Be there.
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It's on a Saturday night, so I should try and get out for it. Chances are I won't be studying at the time anyway :p
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Also, as I haven't been out to Parra stadium in years (the last time I did was when I ran out for a halftime game as an 8 year old in my brother's under 7 game >_>), how much of it is general admission? Is there a go-to place for the Manly supporters?
If we can get this and then the bye and then roll souths!!! ooh yeah bring it on

Dragons have the Storm this week!! Let's cheer on the storm also haha

Haven't looked at the Bronco's run home yet but let's hope everyone up here has their slippery pants on!!
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we also have the storm so dont count on any gains there

i shall be at parra - looking forward to it, should get a few players back - bell, stewy and beaver with any luck
The boys must have realised how important todays match was. Had we lost than we would have been in a logjam with 5 other teams.

There was real spirit in todays performance. Four key players were out and we had both Kennedy and Monaghan missed periods of the game due to injury.

That said though there have been very few occasions that the boys have totally given up this season, we are usually in until the death.

Now if we're lucky we may jump could jump the Dragons and Broncos next week.
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Downie - is about 20 bucks for an outer ground ticket - at Northern (Leagues club end whcih is where the Rockers and flags etc tend to be) To het into terraces is a bit more and it is more again to be in the upper stands.

Good ground for all round viewing.
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I notice BK was on Fox Sports news last night and said something like " we had 4 stars out last weekend and we get 1 back this week (Bell)" - does that mean Brett is still out?
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Thanks Dan.

However, I read on MSE that Greg Presbury is trying to get Manly fans into the Southern End. I'll try and get tickets online this morning, so where do the majority of you guys have tickets? I was in the thick of the Manly fans for the last Parra match at the SCG and it was awesome.
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Downie - you must have been right near me then

I will probably end up in the flags again, greg often lends me one these days.

Ive read its sold out already, anybody know?
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Yeah, you were holding up one of the banners, no? I seem to remember you saying something about that before.

I went on to Ticketek and there still tickets on sale. I think they're just expecting a huge walk-up crowd.

I won't be able to make it though :(

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