Post-Game Discussion Manly v Knights [Round 5, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
32 Glen Willow Stadium
01 Apr 2023 15:00
89:09 minute

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Last week showed the fans what the team is capable of.
But I think this week showed the team how much harder they need to work for each other if they truly want to be a top 4 team.
We were clearly having an off day but the top teams find a way to win.
Lucky to walk away with 1 point.


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From Post #1


Manly: 32
Knights: 32


Pic: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Facebook Page


Pic: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Facebook Page

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Controversial call denies Knights in historic Mudgee draw

‘Never seen’ blunder leaves NRL in shock

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After an encouraging start to the new season today we went back to our 2022 ways

We played a struggling Newcastle team that missed the 8 last year and we matched them in their bottom of the 8 class standards

The slow parker , harper centre combination was again exposed by superior speed and
Like all bottom of the 8 teams last year We lacked game intensity and consistency for the full 80 minutes

They say our greatness is not in never falling but rising like the great premiership winning Sea Eagles after we fall and Next week against the Benchmark of the competition we are given the opportunity to show premiership winning character and do just that

Weekes need to be in centres
Sea eagles centres are meant to fly

Today the two slowest centre combination in he comp played like sitting ducks
Defensively was horrible. Why Harper was kept when Parra was chasing ffs we could of upgraded young Myers


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Penrith in Penrith next week. Hmmmm.

Looks like Burbo & Tuipulotu are injured and won't be there.

Seibs may think of putting Lawton in for Burbo - my thought is go with Keppie & Sipley as the bench props, and keep Bullemor as the Burbo replacement. We may loose some versatility on the bench, but hopefully gain in power through the middle. We'll need it.

Ray Tuaimalo Vaega seems like a similar replacement for Tuipulotu - we're going to need strong carries out of our own end.

Schuster will obviously come back for Johns. Our left side defense should improve, and the Schu will add more points in attack.

Our right side? It's obviously a concern. Adding Weekes there won't help, and takes away what Weekes is now offering in the middle.

On a positive note - how good is Tuilagi's passing and ability to set up a winger? Now I can clearly see why we went after him.

Yes but tuilagi is very lazy in defence has let in a few tries this year with one on one misses. Can’t fault his ball playing.


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I can’t express how “bad” this feels. Can’t believe we nearly lost that but didn’t win either! Alcohol is all I can manage at the moment. Fudge x 1000.

Seriously we were so flat; it’s beyond a joke. Next week will be worse


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Anyone who has seen Blactown this year would be firmly of the opinion that Harper has been average at best in reserve grade this year.

I seriously question his selection from the coaching staff.

Siebolds first major mistake imo.


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Emotions aside I think we will be happy with 1 point if you look at the players we have lost - Schu and Koula before the game, Tui and Burbo in the game, Crocker playing on 1 shoulder. This should give some guys a go in 1st grade - Vaega will come in for Tui, Sipley comes into the bench which gives a bigger sized bench.

We should have finished this off but Knights played it smart and attacked with their best attacking options against our weaker defensive side of Parker/Garrick.

We are not far off from a full 80 minutes, the Bye came at the wrong time for us and now we need to build momentum again.
You lost me when you said Parker/Garrick is our weakest defensive side. Weaker than sol glo and Tui??!! Really??


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Weekes need to be in centres

Defensively was horrible. Why Harper was kept when Parra was chasing ffs we could of upgraded young Myers
The Moral of the Myers story
Myers is a very fast young centre with skill and flair
but he isnt getting a go which isnt fair


We will never win a comp with these 2 at centre....either of them. WE need to buy one quality centre. we have one thats looking ok, but injured.
Koula has been pretty ordinary this year IMO. Huge potential, but he will need to improve plenty if we are to go anywhere in the finals.
And I expect Reuben may grab Parker's spot once Saab gets back, so you may get your wish :)

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I don't have huge issue with it off game normally good. Harper how in gods name is he in firsts
Harper is not the reason we lost. Nor is Parker, Tippytoes or Garrick

It’s the forwards who cannot dominate the ruck for long periods in a game who cost us the points. Sure, the Knoughts had the stronger three quarter line, but they were in a position to score because of the generally lackadaisical, non-aggressive nature of Manly’s pack.

Throw in Emile Ola’s brain explosions and the team were lucky to get away with a draw.

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