Post-Game Discussion Manly v Eels [Round 21, 2022]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
20 4 Pines Park
05 Aug 2022 19:55
76th minute

Match Stats


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Manly v Eels [Round 21, 2022]

Pre-Match Thread here

Game Day Thread here


Friday 5th August 2022

.... 4 Pines Park, Brookvale, NSW

NRL Kick Off Time:.... Manly Warringah Sea Eagles v Parramatta Eels: 7:55pm


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Eels: TBA

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Done and dusted for 2022. This season is officially over for us. We end the year with a divided team, a dysfunctional administration and a pretty bleak future to be totally honest. No point in sugar coating things but the club has really shafted itself this time.


Piss poor from others obviously means nothing because you want to blame it all on DCE....

The effort was poor, but cherry threw the game we were winning into a different trajectory with a terrible play.

I don’t care if you can or can’t admit he has way to many boneheaded plays in him. It’s true.

The captain and most senior and marquee player needs to held to a higher standard, it’s not my fault he rarely meets it


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Foran looks gone with a hammy.

With that crowd such a flat performance

At least now our season is gone no more stressing this year.

To end the season like that hurts.

Don't think we win another game this year.
I don’t need them to win each week and I can handle missing the finals. Thing I can’t handle is feeling like I’m watching a divided team or blokes who don’t give a ****. First time in a long time I’ve doubted the team in this way. Some exceptions - Jake, Croker and Dce, Foran etc. Hopefully we will get served up some manly-worthy performances for the rest of the year…

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Foran looks gone with a hammy.

With that crowd such a flat performance

At least now our season is gone no more stressing this year.

To end the season like that hurts.

Don't think we win another game this year.
if manly can’t beat the titans …. Well

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Assuming he is fit a Parker needs to comeback, looks like Foz has done his hammy so Schuster to 5/8 (time to show what he is made of).

I think Garrick has run out of puff - been great covering Tom. Maybe give Koula a run there.

Not sure about Ben T - I don’t think he is ready.

Anyway Des needs to think about the future
Just beaten by a better side. Thought the team's effort was ok, though a few pretty easy tries went through. But a few line ball decisions against, no 6 agains etc.

But what we cannot seem to ever do is make breaks up the guts. Then to compound that, I never saw support players trailing the ball carrier for an offload, and barely saw the reverse, the ball carrier look for an offload.

Positives for me was some genuine aggression from Sipley, and some nice yardage when we had the ball.

But geez I can't stand losing to those mongers..


The season has ended with a whimper not a bang. Seven tries to three thrashing by the Eels...

On to next season:)
I hope Mestrov was watching this sh1t and begins his plan to reverse our fortunes, we need changes to this team, we have the core of a good side but there are obvious weaknesses that need to be addressed. Perhaps beginning with the coaching staff and the fitness staff and then weeding out the players that aren't up to Manly standard, we've been at this level for ten years, time to do something about it ☹️

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