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Manly V Broncos, June 1, 2014

Discussion in 'MWTS by Ambassador Holidays' started by Boozo, May 7, 2014.

  1. Boozo

    Boozo Active Member

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    Hi everyone. My brother and I are keen to get involved with the MWTS. Are there any plans/package deals etc for the Brisbane game in Rnd12, Sunday, June 1 at Suncorp. We want to start booking flights and accommodation. How do we make sure our seats are with the MWTS? Do the MWTS all stay at the same hotel and are there any game day functions and the like planned at this stage? In the past I would've just e-mailed Mark at Ambassador holidays but I understand that he is no longer there. Any help or advice on how to get involved would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and GO MANLY!
  2. RiverEagle

    RiverEagle New Member

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    I just noticed your post @Boozo

    They talk regularly about the trips away, accommodation and functions in the Rugby League Forum.

    All well documented by @vidmar

    I do hope you stumbled upon the info, and if your trip to the game goes ahead (today) that it's enjoyable; with victory of course!

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