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Matai is back and Cuthbo is 18th man. Beaver to Bench. Note that Ballin is back but in Reserve Grade!!

SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Jamie Lyon, Matt Orford ©, Jason King, Michael Monaghan, Brent Kite, Anthony Watmough, Glenn Stewart, Luke Williamson
Interchange: Shayne Dunley, Glenn Hall, Mark Bryant, Steve Menzies, Adam Cuthbertson (1 player to be omitted)

Sea Eagles Premier League Team: Dean Connell, Sean Meaney, Shane Neumann, Nick Bradley-Qalilawa, Michael Bani, Jeff Robson (c), Clint Halden, Chris Trembath, Matt Ballin, Sione Finefeuaiki, Vic Mauro, Jack Afamasaga, Jason Wells
Interchange: Junior Ahio, Sam Key, Bede Tuohy, Sean Dalton, John O’Sullivan, Adam Shaw, James Mortimer

I can't believe Dunley is in ahead of Ballin!!!!! Des, what are you thinking??? :wall:
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Spoke with Ballin on Friday, he's playing PL to get game time, he already knew. Ballin knows he'll be #1 hooker next year, he's in it for the long haul.


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best way to get fitness is to play, 80 minutes in reggies is better at this time of year than 10 minutes in 1sts
That's a pretty strong team in my books. Dunners will be rearing at the bits to impress - he'll be ok coz he knows he's there for the bench role.
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That injury argument is valid, also maybe Des see's Ballin as an 80min hooker and Dunley a better impact man, i disagree but that could be a theory

Matai and Dunley in the side, someone hide the rope from DSM :lol:

Looking at that side my pick is that Matai will have a fitness test game day and if failed we will use last weeks configuration
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He couldn't possibly start with Willo and leave Beaver on the bench, could he ??
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Des thinks he's playing mind games C&C.
Folks knows full well Beaver will start in the backrow.

Additionally guys, I hope this is where Matai starts to show some VALUE this season....and the DOESN'T mean dropping the ball when you are one point in front with 30 seconds on the clock !!!!

He couldn't possibly start with Willo and leave Beaver on the bench, could he ??

Maybe it's reward to willo, Stewart and Watmough for their excellent start to the season. Beaver is obviously a better player but I see no problem with Des saying "you blokes have done nothing wrong and deserve to have your starting spot for the time being"

No drama's there for me.
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Matai has stated he doesn't think he will be ready for this week, expect the same as last week to take the park

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Team P W L PD Pts
4 4 0 41 8
3 2 1 28 6
4 3 1 26 6
4 3 1 16 6
3 2 1 0 6
4 2 2 23 4
3 1 2 4 4
4 2 2 2 4
4 2 2 -2 4
4 2 2 -9 4
4 2 2 -10 4
4 2 2 -12 4
4 2 2 -13 4
3 1 2 -40 4
4 1 3 -11 2
4 1 3 -13 2
4 0 4 -30 0
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