Manly team for the Dogs clash

Journey Man
Coach Des Hasler has stuck with the same team that defeated the Warriors last week. At this stage none of the injured players are expected to make a return for the match..

SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Jamie Lyon, Chris Hicks, Travis Burns, Michael Monaghan, Jason King, Matt Ballin, Brent Kite ©, Anthony Watmough, Glenn Stewart, Luke Williamson
Interchange: Clint Halden, Glenn Hall, George Rose, Mark Bryant
UFO Hunter
Perhaps there is something more to Orford. I just can't see the bloke who played through his injury on the night, then staying out for a month with no word on his progression.
Journey Man
Clint Halden again? Surely this is a joke? FFS ! Why bother arguing this choice? Des played Mullane at 5/8, and Walker at fullback for 10 rounds before he realised....why would this be any different.

I've never heard a medium ankle sprain (Matai) keeping a player out for 6 weeks before. Woolford has the HIGHEST grade, and is set to miss 3 weeks???
First Grader
Obviously more to the injuries than they are letting on. I have no problem if the injuries are actually worse than first thought and us not being informed, keeps the opposition guessing each week.
UFO Hunter
I'd love for Saturday to roll around and midday we find that Orford is a late inclusion. That would throw the dogs in a shambles.
Halden hasn't played a game in 4 weeks. What benefit is he going to provide if he is actually needed?
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Wether Ox returns or not, what worries me is going in against the dogs one man down (Halden). Surely we wont go in with such an impediment. :?:
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We are winning so there is not too much drama though I am as puzzled by the Halden naming as much as anyone.

Probably not yet time for the Royal Commission - and Ryan you can hardly assume that they are trying to slow down the healing of the missing three. Clubs are deliberately evasive about injuries as they don't want to give much away. Who knows - all three could be back this week and Des is playing 'ducks and drakes'. Unlikely but possible.
well it was said orford would be out for a month at first.. but never confirmed. He will be back next week id say.
Tookey, who else is there???

This orford injury and him not playing when i really have no idea what is wrong with him is really starting to give me the ****s.
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Tookey, who else is there???

This orford injury and him not playing when i really have no idea what is wrong with him is really starting to give me the ****s.
Afamasaga & Finefuiaki -now theres a mouthful.
They had good games in PL, in the 1st 2 rounds -
Same here, would like to see either bryant or hall dropped and one of the big kiwis from PL get a run.

again, still mystified at the inclusion of halden. guy has had 3 minutes in the last 2 rounds of footy. i think he has made 1 run and one tackle and that's it. he'd be better off in PL.
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Yeah, picking Halden leaves us a man short on the bench and does nothing for his match fitness even when he does eventually get a run. Afasamanga running over Mason would be better imo.
Team P W L PD Pts
4 4 0 41 8
4 3 1 8 8
4 2 2 45 6
3 2 1 28 6
4 3 1 26 6
4 3 1 16 6
5 3 2 6 6
4 2 2 -10 6
4 2 2 23 4
5 2 3 -6 4
4 2 2 -9 4
4 2 2 -12 4
4 2 2 -13 4
3 1 2 -40 4
5 1 4 -19 2
5 1 4 -54 2
4 0 4 -30 0
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