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Manly Sea Eagle Dylan Walker set to confront past against South Sydney Rabbitohs

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lsz, Mar 29, 2016.

By lsz on Mar 29, 2016 at 4:59 PM
  1. lsz

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    Dylan Walker describes it as the change he needed.

    In leaving South Sydney, Walker moved on from a club at which he not only made history as part of a breakthrough premiership, but also almost became history himself after an almost fatal overdose of a prescription drug.

    The move to the northern beaches allowed him to consign a significant chapter of his life to the past, although there will be several reminders when Manly take on the Rabbitohs at Brookvale Oval on Thursday. One of them will be his former teammate and great friend Aaron Gray, who was there when the pair fell critically ill at a Rosebery granny flat last year.

    Walker, who changed clubs and positions after Souths granted him an early release, is looking forward to facing his former club.

    "I'm pretty excited to play them, especially at Brookvale," he said.

    "For the first time it will be a bit different. I always saw myself as wearing the red and green for a very long time.

    "I just needed a change.

    "I was a Souths junior, so it was a big move. I still get asked the question about the move. It's been pretty smooth.

    "I've come here and everyone from the players, to the coaching staff and the fans, have welcomed me with open arms. I've just really enjoyed the switchover. It was a bit tough, leaving the boys in the team, especially winning a comp with them. That's probably the biggest thing, but I don't have any regrets and I find this the best path for my future.
    "The fresh start has been the best thing for me. I believe in change, massively, and this change is taking me one step closer to where I want to be."

    Having already represented Australia as a centre, that next step would seemingly be to wear the NSW No.6 jersey. However, there are more pressing matters. With Daly Cherry-Evans sidelined indefinitely with injury, Walker will be taking on his former teammates without an established half by his side.

    Given the dramas he survived last year, it's likely to be the least of his concerns.

    "That was one was the biggest, honest mistakes," he said of that fateful night with Gray.
    "I was chilling at home and that's what happened, that's how it came about.
    "Moving forward, it's a big eye opener and also count my stars I'm pretty lucky.
    "[Gray] is one of my best mates, we've been playing footy together since we were seven.
    "It shook us both up but we've definitely moved on and want to do bigger and better things, that's what we're both concentrating on. He's still over at Souths … and we're both aiming for big years."

    Asked if there were any lessons to pass on for other players regarding prescription drugs, Walker said: "People will probably say there's a lesson because of what they've seen in the media.

    "We were honestly just using them because we had operations three or four days before. That's what came about. Everyone knows what's right or wrong, how to use them.
    "I don't believe [there's a misuse problem in the NRL], no issue at all. They are prescribed to you for a reason, that's why doctors give them to you. I don't think there's anything to worry about."

    Walker said the transition to Manly had been helped by the presence of former Rabbitohs Apisai Koroisau and Luke Burgess.
    "It's a good environment over at Souths, they work very hard," he said.
    "But coming over here has definitely been a good eye-opener as to what else is out there in the NRL.

    "It's a big change but I've found the change more suitable to me."
    There is another reminder of Walker's time at Redfern, a Rabbitoh tattoo on his foot.
    "The boys have been giving me some stick about that. I've told them I will put some wings on it or something," he said.

    "That's something I will cherish for the rest of my life, winning my first grand final with them. Hopefully I get to add one at the Sea Eagles."

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    Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lsz, Mar 29, 2016.

      1. Woodsie

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        As far as I am concerned he has a clean slate. Just hope he writes some good stuff on it.
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        • MadMarcus

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          Very even handed and respectful comments about his old club I thought.
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          • HappilyManly

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            NRL 2016: The endorsement that convinced Jamie Lyon of Dylan Walker’s character
            • 11 hours ago
            • by DAN WALSH
            • Source: FOX SPORTS

            DYLAN Walker arrived on the northern beaches with bucketloads of talent. And no shortage of baggage either.

            Manly’s star recruit comes up against his old Souths outfit for the first time on Thursday night, and not without cause, is reluctant to discuss his messy departure from the foundation club.

            A Rabbitohs junior from his early teens, Walker was released by the only club he’s ever known after a highly publicised prescription drug scandal late last year.

            Along the way his barrister Julieanne Levick declared the Rabbitohs “used and abused” Walker as he battled through 2015 with injury.

            Treated him “like a piece of meat”, in her view, as she described his controversial ousting after his life-threatening overdose on painkillers in the early hours of September 22.

            Premiership winning teammate Lote Tuqiri tweeted his disappointment in Souths’ decision, and Issac Luke concurred: “Loved by the players but obviously not by the bigger fish.”

            Some baggage.

            So Manly skipper Jamie Lyon did what any captain worth his salt would. He asked around.

            Made a call about the precocious 21-year-old with four Test matches, a premiership ring, a lucrative four-year-deal, and bit of baggage headed his way.

            “I didn’t know much of him and there was obviously a bit going on for him last year,” Lyon says.

            “But I spoke to Glenn Stewart about him as it was in the works and he has a massive rap on him as a bloke.

            “I’m pretty close with Gifty, so if he says he’s a good bloke, I’m going to take that tip. And he’s all that and more. He’s a real good kid.”

            Stewart and Walker only crossed paths for a season at Souths before the former Sea Eagles stalwart made for the greener pastures of southern France.

            But after just a few months at Manly and four games in the maroon and white, Lyon reckons Walker is fast becoming part of the furniture at Brookvale.

            “It’s hard to explain but it’s like he’s been here for a long time,” Lyon says.

            “He’s fit straight in like he’s been here for five or six years already. He just gets on with everyone, and he’s clearly a big name and a quality player.

            “He’s got some stuff around him, that ability to do something special.

            “He’s obviously changed position and he’s handling it really well. He’s just a good player to have in your club and I hope to see him here for a long time.”

            But given the other ‘stuff’ around his arrival, has the Manly veteran — 13 years Walker’s senior — ever felt the need to keep a closer eye than usual on the young recruit?

            “Not really no, because he’s got such a good head on his shoulders.

            “I don’t know if those dramas were blown out of proportion or whatever but I haven’t seen anything untoward with him, he’s a great kid.

            “I can’t give him too much more of a rap really, he couldn’t have settled in better.”

            Walker has spoken previously about the move to Manly as the lifestyle change he needed.

            How living out of home with fellow ex-Rabbitoh Apisai Koroisau near the club’s Narrabeen headquarters — and grappling with those age old makers of 21-year-old men, cooking and cleaning for oneself — has been a breath of fresh air.

            So too a shift from the centres at Souths into Manly’s famous No.6 jersey, where he’s looked more and more comfortable every week.

            His old Bunnies mates may just have shifted uncomfortably in their seats when Walker took off with untouchable speed and power at the weekend for a crucial second-half try against the Roosters.

            “Last week was a good one and the first two (games) weren’t too good but every week we get more and more comfortable with each other,” Walker told AAP of his move into a playmaker role after the 22-20 win.

            “I grew up playing five-eighth and (the NRL) is a different level but as time goes it’s going to get better and better.

            “It makes it a lot easier when we’ve got guys like Brett Stewart and Nate Myles around you, guys who take control of things.

            “Their game management is awesome as well so it makes my job a lot easier.”

            So does being able to leave unnecessary baggage behind.
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            • manlyfan76

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              So just have to beat his jnr club tomorrow now.

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