Manly rumours everywhere - This time from Souths fans.

quality rumour mongering at its best, sounds like a club dodging the wooden spoon for the thousanth time!
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Who knows, Manly have a habbit of letting go of favourite sons. This is getting too strange!
It's on a Souths forum for goodness sakes. That must rate lower in credibility than even Rebeccas Wilson or Danny Weidler!!!

No , the guy stating it is spot on 90% off the time. Two weeks ago he said Elford was going to Souths , today he signed. He is creditable.
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cw , its obvious that there is severe tension between them so maybe it has merit,i would think hasler would get the boot first.........maybe we could sign chris anderson to really **** ourselves
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If it's not happening it is certainly on the cards.

If Delmege keeps interefering something will have to give.

Either he gets bought out quickly or the current management get jack of it and resign.

I wouldn't be putting up with the current scenario.
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No way to buy Max out! 8 million is a lot of memberships. $50 K was paid back this year which means which take about 80 years at the current rate, without taking into account interest etc (Bean counters can tell us accurately)

Surely he did not save the club to then have strings attached. That was not the deal that was promoted by the club and by Philip Dean on the Website.

Max acted for the good of the club and must be recognised for that. Hopefully he will see that his role on the board is valuable but the management and coaching staff must be left to run the football operations.
Journey Man
There are other ways to buy Max out than under the current regime. Ryan has already suggested one.


1. Find another purchaser and establish an MOU on operations with them.
2. Find a way to finance a pay-out of Delmege using existing assetss as collateral (assuming serviceability).
3. Do what it takes to increase the membership base urgently to buy shares back quicker.

Bottom line is, maybe we should make it a MATTER OF PRIORITY to buy enough shares back to get Delmege to 49%.


Manly needs the development of the car park to be approved ASAP by Warringah Council (I think they have knocked it back a little while ago and may now be subject to an appeal to the land and environment court) so that they can raise funds from the profit to pay Max out.
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what is Maz doing that is too far involved anyway? Did he MAKE them sign Monas? What else has he done?

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