Manly Players - fittest, fastest, strongest

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Winging it
Interesting article in today's Sun Herald.

Manly's strongest is Sione who can benchpress 170 kg in a 1 maximum rep. Still a long way away from our club record of 220 set by Kylie last year. Current best in RL is Rooster's Chris Beattie at 180 kg.

The Ox gets a mention for being the strongest, pound for pound, by doing an incredible 160 kg - twice his body weight.

Chris Hicks can benchpress 90 kg (his bodyweight) 27 times. He holds the club record for backs benching 110 kg 18 times and also posts a sub 5 second 40 metres.

Travis Burns at 80 kgs gets a very honourable mention for pushing out 150 Kgs.

Brett Stewart is labelled as the fastest in RL. He does 40 mt in 4.5 secs, matched by some other speedsters such as David Simmons of Sharks, but can also do 6.2 secs over 60 mts along with an approximate 10.6 secs for 100 mts (just .5 of a sec shy of getting to Beijing with the Aussie squad). Take a tip from MB the punter and throw some money on Snake for top try scorer this season.

Our fittest is listed as Matt Balin who does 14.4 on the beep test, where a player runs continuously between two 20 mt points.

Zorba had a write-up in yesterday's Manly Daily on Glen Stewart saying he was keen to step up and play in BK's position and has worked on bulking up. At the same time George Rose is stripping off some of the pies he likes and fitness levels are increasing every week, looking towards a much bigger slice of game time ( so long as that is the only extra slice he is going for!).

No doubt the boys are putting in the work. Bring it on. :clap:

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Thanks MB. Didn't get the paper so it is good to see what is going on with the boys.

I hope the work is transferred to performance on the field.


First Grader
14.4!!!! The AFL standard is 17.

If he is the fittest bloke in our side that is a concern.

They have draft picks (18 yr olds) down here doing 14's.

Surely that must be a mistake.


Journey Man
AFL is naturally more earobic isn't it Clon? The players run a lot further. They'd be doing less heavy type weights, and more reps I reckon....
I bet NFL etc would be a lot worse than ours for example.
A hooker combination of Burns and Ballin appears much more appealing to me than one of Monas and Dunley. Shame about that large contract.....


First Grader
AFL is naturally more earobic isn't it Clon? The players run a lot further. They'd be doing less heavy type weights, and more reps I reckon....
I bet NFL etc would be a lot worse than ours for example.

Yeah for sure, but I would have thought our best would have been higher than 14.4.

I would have thought our backline would average around 14.


First Grader
I was surprised with the 14.4 as I made 16 whilst 17 years old.

Nowdays I would struggle to make 10!!!!


Journey Man
i find 14.4 unbeliebably low as well i have seen guys do 14's with army boots on, maybe it was near the start of training.


Journey Man
[quote author=Matabele]
Bye bye Dunners

Bye Bye Monas


Mate - isn't that the problem though? It's so glaringly obvious that something different is required. I believe Manly now have the tools. It comes to implementation.

I said this in another thread, but Monnas at Hooker is like Willow at Lock. Solid, but not much more.

I watched the 96 grand final the other day, and Serdaris was a gun !!!! Gimme a Hooker like him anyday. He had more body mass than Monaghan, but was much more explosive and mobile?????

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