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Journey Man
Guys - I just wanted to say, that I consider my passion for manly MORE than just watching a game of footy, but a hobby.

A hobby is termed as an event, that has a significant effect on a person life. Is almost part of them.

My issue, is that my hobby hasn't made me smile in TWO months.

I'm desperate for a victory.

The only other team this year, that have had this many successive losses is Newcastle, and look where they are.

It's hard to find positives, when everything about your hobby is negative. On field success is null & void, then we all know about what has been happenning OFF the field in the media.

When I began supporting Manly, after Norths were destroyed by the NRL, I actually thought, well at least I have a chance of getting a premiership now.

What IN FACT has happenned, is that this team has never finished in the top 1/2 of the whole competition while I follow it.

That is why at times I seem so hot & cold (apart from not wanting to look so negative). I try my upmost to find positves when at times, there ARE none.

Yes, the club is improving in the way it secures cash for itself. But what is cash, when there is no progress on the major part of the business, Manly's success ON the field.

I feel this club is seriously losing generations of football fans. If you were born 15 years ago or less, all you would remember (thinking that you wouldn't watch footy from 0-7 or so), is that Manly have been a cellar dweller.

GENERALLY, footbAll cycles come in 4 year parenthesis. We have missed ours. Tigers haven't, Canberra, Melbourne, NZ, Sainst...they have ALL had good times in the past 5 years.

Why then, do WE have to be the team, that is parallelled to Souths in this field. It isn't good at all.

We will finish another year, in the bottom 4-5 teams. That just isn't cool. Espescially when it is someones hobby. Someones passion. We pour many, many hours of time, money & effort into the team, and we get nothing in return.

Why is it Manly's fans, who have factions, and are against each other? I tell you....ON FIELD performance. Check out The Broncos forums. They get along magically.

At times I feel the players have less passion for the team as much as I do. I guarantee some are their for the wage only. I guess that is why I will always have a mediocre soft spot for Monnas. He has opennly said he doesn't want to play anywhere else. If for nothing else, that's cool by me.

When is it going to be our turn again? We have better 1/2's next year no doubt. But that means nothing behind a pack of Jason Kings, Mark Bryants, Nathan Tutts, and possibly George Roses. I have NOT heard or read ONCE, that Orford has said, I want to play for manly, because that is where my heart is. We hear "it was a commercial decision".

Where are our local juniors. Where are our Willie Masons, our Sonny Bills, our Darren Lockyers, our Cameron Smiths? Watmough? One in a whole generation aint cool at all !!! Jason King? Well, you can decide on that one.

And this is my hobby. Thanks for lending me your ears fellas.


The club has always said that it will be a 10 year plan to get Manly back to winning a premiership again. That shows just how much damage the club incurred during the super league war.

Watching yesterday's game at the ground it is was obvious that there are a number of players who are just not up to first grade standard. We all know who they are so no need to repeat their names again.

Even watching the team warming up their didn't apear to be any spark or speed about what they were doing. They lacked urgency and appear to be very down and tired.

I am not sure what is going on with the club but there seems to be real problems there. Not sure of the Monnaghan situation is continuing to fester or whether it is because guys like Randall and Harris are going at the end of the year. It may be a combination of both.

Wahtever it is Manly need to increase their depth urgently for next year and spend their $400,000 limit to buy good quality players for the PL side. We need juniors comming through like we used to have.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I was smiling three minutes from the end on Sunday - and despite the last minute it is what will bring me back next week and on and on and on and on and on ........

They are my team! That's passion!!!

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