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Under the heading of Captaincy Being Far from settled there was a big feature on the Sea Eagles first training session today. Good profile given to Orford and Monaghan also mentioned as needing to make the top 17 before he gets any sniff of the captaincy. Orford said that Des had yet to say who was playing half and then Des said Orford was half. Captaincy candidates were declared as BK, Beaver, Orford and Moanagahn. Monaghan was interviewed and siad he was confident of being in the team. Witt was there. Only other player I recognised apart from Steve Bell's bald head was Cuthbertson who is looking huge!

Boys were still wearing Classic gear with Dairy Farmers logos so obviously the change to Reebok and Strathfield as sleeve sponsor hasn't been enacted, or they are using old gear!!!!


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Looks like Monas is still on the cards to be offloaded.

He certainly wont be skip in 2006.


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dont think it is anything to worry about, only first day back at training. do we expect them all to be looking in peak condition?


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It's the difference between them spending the next 6 weeks getting back into condition, or the next 6 weeks adding to their condition.

If you were an Executive on a 6 figure annula salary how do you think your employer would feel about you turning up hungover every day for 6 weeks?


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I believe preseason is for getting yourself back into condition. I would hardly relate somone looking a little chubby after a holiday to a employee turning up with a hangover for 6 weeks.

Remember Cuthbo is only young, he will regain fitness in no time.

I remember some on here saying we started training to hard too early last season which probably contributed to our slump as the players could have been burnt out. They need a break and when you stop fulltime training this thing happens.

Me thinks some just like to pick at every tiny little detail becuase they enjoy it.


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ill bet he didnt either, but he is also not a prop. everyone is different!!! But I bet he was not in peak condition either.

I remember when I moved to Sydney to start working fulltime, stopped playing Union/League/Touch and being part of the surfclub and I put on 15kg in 3 or 4 months. So things could be worse.

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The Manly Report also said George Rose appeared to have had a "good" off season as well.

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