Manly linked to Costigan

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Brett Seymour and Neville Costigan yesterday became the first players in Brisbane's 19-year history to have their contracts terminated, but the club's chief executive, Bruno Cullen, admitted they may not be the last, with a number of other Broncos on the brink of following suit if they don't heed the warning.

While several other clubs immediately signalled their interest in signing Seymour or Costigan, Cullen said he and Broncos coach Wayne Bennett wanted to change the culture in Brisbane and had decided to take the tough stance in the hope that some of their former teammates would get the message after a string of off-field incidents.

The most recent was Costigan's arrest for drink-driving on Monday night that may result in Queensland Transport invoking a penalty clause in its $900,000, three-year sponsorship deal with the Broncos, while Seymour is under investigation over allegations he headbutted a woman in a Brisbane pub eight days earlier. Seymour has not been charged.

Rugby League Players Association boss Matt Rodwell questioned the severity of the club's actions but Cullen said the pair were sacked for repeated offences and not just the latest incidents.

"It's three strikes and you're out," Cullen said. "This isn't over any [one] incident, it's a cumulative effect. There has been a number of incidents. We got to the point where we didn't think we were making any difference to these guys' behavioural patterns so it was about time we made a stance on it all.

"They were getting into the serial-offender category and we just felt that with everything we've been trying to do and achieve this year, these two cases in particular were going backwards.

"It was a very tough decision. Some players' contracts haven't been renewed but this is the first time we've terminated any. But we're trying to set the right culture in the joint and young players, in particular, are very impressionable, so when they see the antics that go on and on, if nothing happens, then it becomes a part of your culture and your problems get deeper and wider."

Wests Tigers and Manly were among the clubs last night being linked with Costigan, while the Cowboys are reportedly interested in the backrower/hooker as well as halfback Seymour.

Cullen said he hoped the pair could revive their careers elsewhere. But with the Broncos struggling on the field after four consecutive losses, he questioned their commitment and warned all other players were now on notice.

"They're both nice fellows, they're both good young fellows and they're both only 21 years of age, so it is a tough call," Cullen said. "I don't think these guys are any different to anyone else. I think we've got a problem in society with young people's drinking habits and it's the same in the footy codes.

"It's just that it is a high-profile profession and, importantly, it is now a very expensive business to run. We're talking about a $20-million-plus business each year. But out of everything like this you hope some good can come from it and I hope that they finally have got the message and that they find another club because they are very good players."

Asked whether any other players' contracts were in danger, Cullen said: "There are none on final notice but there are some who aren't too far from the teetering stage so I hope they bloody well get the message.

"They're all on notice and I hope they realise because we have set the precedent now. We're in a situation on the field that we're trying to dig ourselves out of so you can't afford to have players out drinking all the time."

Rodwell said he was unaware of any previous incidents involving Seymour or Costigan and described the Broncos' actions as "harsh". But NRL chief executive David Gallop, however, backed the Broncos' decision.

â–  Gold Coast Titans managing director Michael Searle has confirmed the new franchise is keen to bring rugby union winger Lote Tuqiri back to league. Tuqiri comes off contract after next year's Rugby World Cup.
As soon as I heard this I thought we would be chasing him. And did anyone see how Fatty spoke about it on the footy show last night, in particular mentioning costigan as a good player!!!

I think we need him for depth and he wont demand a huge price either.
He isn't exactly troubled and I dont think we would have major issues with his off field behaviour
The guy obviously has talent and I think that he would be a good buy because I reckon being sacked for the Broncos would have been a huge wakeup call for him.
I seem to recall a fellow by the name Tevita Latu was deregisted by the NRL for his attack on a woman, it would appear the the same has not happened to Brett Seymour. WHY???

Didn't Seymour do pretty much the same thing? Where is the consistancy, or is this just a case of one was a kiwi and the other wasn't!
Seymour has denied doing it and is yet to be found guilty.

If he is found guilty , he should be deregistered.
Costigan isn't very good.

Hes way better than our other back row options barring our current top three.

sign him i reckon, you would have to think he would be pretty pumped to have a big year to prove a point next year!
We might need him but do we want him. More debate about his talents would be good. Playing with the Bronco's these days isn't telling anyone much.
Costigan faced court last year after an alleged tag team effort in bed with a 'lady', forgetting to tell her he was the replacement player!!!

He was acquitted on a technicality if my memory serves me correctly.
Costigan faced court last year after an alleged tag team effort in bed with a 'lady', forgetting to tell her he was the replacement player!!!

He was acquitted on a technicality if my memory serves me correctly. suspicions were correct...looks like Adrian Lam and is a wanna be porn star...
Was the well aimed at me? generally I agree with you on the race issue, but you cant just trot it out every single time.

I saw Costigan in action personally last year in Brisbane along with a number of his teammates of varying shades from white to very dark. Lets just say if you or I behaved similarly we'd be greating a magistrate.

Its not always about Race Matas, as much as you'd like it to be to suit your views.
The big difference here to say the Sione bad attitude is vastly different to being a lad.

I advocate Manly steer well clear of troubled players with bad attitudes & in particular players who display a lack of respect for their temamates and other authority figures that surround them.

In this instance I would place Costigans behaviour in the "Being a lad"category and not in the bad attitude category.

He can play & would add valuable depth.

He would be fairly inexpensive.

And he would have had his "slap up the backside of the head" which may well minimise the potential for future problems.

Do we want him? he is certainly worth a look, yes.
Lets face it Costigan is better than deadwood and curtis or cherry or Tutt or Robson.

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