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Manly jitters at crunch, says Hasler

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by fLIP, Jul 1, 2007.

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    That came moments after Manly halfback Matt Orford had been caught on the last tackle inches out, something that will undoubtedly fuel the criticism that the skipper can't make the big plays to win games.

    "I think when I have a look on the tape I probably should have passed it out the back," Orford said.

    "That was one of those options where we probably didn't take the right one."

    The skipper was referring to the scathing assessment of coach Des Hasler of his side's mini-slump.

    "That's two weeks in a row now where we've played sides back into form," Hasler said.

    "You've got to come up with those right options, it's what first grade football's all about."
    I guess we can all interpret this how you like, but what i seem to read from this is that Des may have come to the realisation that the Ox is not delivering. Time for PL my son!!

    we can't do any worse than have Monaghan at 7 and Ballin at 9.

    We could have gone down the dragons right hand defence all ****en day and had a picnic.

    While we all have opinions on Gus - not all positive - he does occasionally know what he is talking about. He was clearly illustrating in the back end of the second half how it could be done.

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