Manly, in the eyes of a Bronco


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Guys, this wont come as a surprise to most here. Although some will be shocked, let me say in advance that I pitty you.

Listening to the radio in my car this afternoon in the one team town (Brisbane) over the radio comes the usual 30 min report on how the broncos are fairing for their game on the weekend.

Petrol Seventy Cents a Litre was announce as 'unlikly' to play against manly this weekend. To add to that, he had this too say:

"I have such and such an injury and its probably best for the team that this is the week I have off to recover. I dont want to risk further injuring myself and this is the best week for me to sit on the sideline. We have a lot of hard games coming up and the game against manly is one the boys wont really need me for."

Well there you have it. The amount of respect other teams and players have for the Manly side this season.

Whist I say these things, it also occurs to me that the Broncos are becoming very self assured in their playing ability this season. They look at us as easy beats, its so blatantly obviouse after what Civo said and Bennet doesn't condone that kind of talk unless he agrees.

We are in big trouble this weekend, or like i mention, to cocky, we may just get the win.

Im sticking with the first but I thought that the broncos opinion is one that some people have to hear.


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Garts. I almost burst into tears...

alright, not quite tears, but I did think of the season we wo quikly threw away!


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Trevor Gillmesiter actually tipped the Eagles this morning on the BSB. Said something along the lines that the Broncos are in a bit of a slump, may not be totally "tuned in" at the moment and that Wayne Bennet would not see a loss as such a bad things for the Broncos at the moment.


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I heard the comment on the news, and in no way was he bagging Manly.

He pretty much said that it was essential for him to be fit for the finals because they are already set for them.

You have taken it way out of context.


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I am glad he is out as he has lifted his play to a completely new level the last two months. He was sensational in the last two SOOs and heads my list as one of the most improved players this year. Stay out you sook :) :)

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