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Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Jan 2, 2006.

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    I spent the break between Xmas and NY catching up on two old books that might be of interest to Manly diehards:

    1. Arko, My Game. Autobio.
    Chronicles the life of Ken Arthurson with a strong slant towards his resentment of the Super League people as it was written during 1996/97. He really is an amazing man and had an astonishing career in RL administration including international positions. He goes into depth about Bozo and lots of other Manly greats. He was the main man involved in deciding which players joined Manly from 1963 for 20 years and you can relive the stories of our first Premiership and dominating the 70's. He was mad at Kerry Packer for his 'betrayal' on tv coverage but I noticed in the paper this week that they had made up at a recent dinner. A good read.

    2. Fatty, The strife and times of Paul Vautin. Mike Coleman.
    A very good read with a touch of Fatty irreverence. Goes into detail on his younger days, his parents, joining Manly as youngster and covering his 11 years with us, playing for Queensland, Australia and the Roosters. Fantastic stories of the greats from that era including Eadie, Freddie Jones, Max Krillich, Crusher, Rambo, the 1987 Premiership and for the Maroons covering Artie to Wally. A few eye-openers in this one.

    Grab a copy. Usually 50c at Vinnies :)
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