Manly hit back at lyon talks


By Dean Ritchie
March 31, 2006

ANGRY Manly chief executive Patrick Wilson last night asked why Michael Hagan has been cleared by the NRL to talk to rival players about next season when still coaching the Newcastle Knights.

Hagan this week confirmed he had contacted St Helens centre Jamie Lyon about a return to Parramatta, the club Hagan will coach next season.

NRL chief executive David Gallop denied it was a breach of anti-tampering given Lyon was still contracted to Parramatta.

The Sea Eagles were reacting after themselves being investigated about approaching Lyon.

"We do have issues with a person [Hagan] going on record admitting he is recruiting for one club when he's employed by another," said Manly chief executive Patrick Wilson.

"We'd like some clarification on it. Is he working for Newcastle or Parramatta?

"I would have thought Parramatta would be doing their own recruiting, not the Newcastle coach.

"I have always thought a coach's role was to concentrate on the club he was at 24-7. I'd be filthy [being a Newcastle official].

"We are sick and tired of people pointing the finger at this club with totally unfounded accusations.

"The NRL has handled this well and completely absolved us."

Newcastle chief executive Ken Conway said his club was virtually powerless to stop Hagan negotiating with players for 2007.

Conway said Newcastle's unbeaten run this season proved Hagan was still focused on the Knights.

"Being practical, I don't see how we can stop him doing it," Conway said last night.

"As long as he's not in breach of the anti-tampering rules.

"I'd be more concerned if Michael was trying to get Jamie to come here to Newcastle - that would be a breach.

"We will throw our resources at making sure Michael produces the goods this year and, at this time, he is producing that. We want him to concentrate getting the team playing well and they are."

Hagan this week claimed he had done nothing wrong by talking with Lyon.

"Everyone has to get on with what they are doing," Hagan said.

"If you are not doing it here, then you would be doing it somewhere else, would you not?

"It's all part of the process.

"In fairness, Jamie Lyon is still contracted to Parramatta so I think in this case you are entitled to talk to him."

Meanwhile, Wilson was forced to deny rumours that there had been a dispute between prize signing Matt Orford and coach Des Hasler at training.


Journey Man
smart move by Wilson.

Get on the front foot and cover drive to the fence.

What he really needs to do so is to hit loose lips for SIX!!!!

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