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The Manly Sea Eagles have been forced to name 21 players in a squad for Saturday's crucial Brookvale Oval clash with the New Zealand Warriors.

Injuries and a virus which has hit the club hard has forced coach Des Hasler to name four additional players.

Centre Terry Hill,hooker Chad Randall and prop Daniel Heckenberg have been included in the side after missing last Sunday's heavy defeat by the Sharks.

Hill (virus) and Randall (shoulder) missed the Sharks match while Heckenberg has had three games back in Premier League after returning from a six week layoff because of a knee injury.

Several players including prop Jason King have been confined to bed by the virus with lock Ben Kennedy added to the list today.

Centre Ashley Alberts has missed two weeks with the virus and has been ruled out of Saturday's match with the illness.

Fullback Brett Stewart is racing the clock to be fit for Saturday after CT scans cleared him of serious injury to his hip.Stewart was assisted from the field in the opening minutes against the Sharks.

The NRL side to play the Warriors is: Brett Stewart,Paul Stephenson,Terry Hill,Steve Matai,Chris Hicks,Steve Menzies,Michael Monaghan (C),Jason King,Chad Randall,Daniel Heckenberg,Luke Williamson,Anthony Watmough,Ben Kennedy.Replacements:Kylie Leuluai,Shayne Dunley,Mark Bryant,Sam Harris,Michael Witt,Nathan Tutt,Kane Cleal,Scott Donald. (Four to be omitted).

PREMIER League v North Sydney at North Sydney Oval 2p.m. Sunday:Mark Lennon,Mitch Creary,Jye Mullane,Jared Taylor,Darren Peachey,Jeff Robson,Travis Burns,Jim Curtis,Matt Ballin,Phil Moorwood,Nathan Hollingsworth,Adam Cuthbertson,J.P.Cherry,Replacemnts: Karl Johnson,Mailangi Styles,Aaron Trinder.

JERSEY FLEGG side to play Dragons at Brookvale Oval 5.30 p.m.Saturday is:Josh Lewis (c),Michael Smith,Tom Joseph,Sean Meaney,Terry Kelly,Brendan Crabb,Aaron Groom,Suli Koroiulileka,Ian Farnsworth,Chris Trembath,Reihana Peters,Mark Oferdahl,Josh Brown.Replacements: Sam Key,Ryan Cribb,Joab Hull,Ina Papera,Harry Berryman,John Grieve,Mitchell Taueli.


Des is ****ing kidding now. how can he keep naming those hoaxes like king, harris, randall etc.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I agree Matt extremely strange, hope it is not something similar to Randall last season.


did Las Vegas cook Kingey Dinner ?????

Des has just named everyone, the first 17 to get to the game plays!


Reserve Grader
Arent these Guys Elite Athletes in Peak Physical Condition How The hell do you have a Virus for 3 weeks ?
Maybe its Heart Transplants They need ,not bed Rest

I agree with Matt something smells Fishy


Journey Man
If Des names a 59 man bench, it gives him an excuse for when we lose. Simple as that.

Damn - I reckon I could get 17 of you right NOW who'd throw a jersey on this weekend. Anyone?

I'll play 7


Journey Man
Arent these Guys Elite Athletes in Peak Physical Condition How The hell do you have a Virus for 3 weeks ?
Maybe its Heart Transplants They need ,not bed Rest

I agree with Matt something smells Fishy

Ive heard of a few elite athletes hit longer by viruses and stuff. Triathletes seem to be extremely prone to it, a firend of mine said when he was competing in europe that there were always people out sick

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I keep saying it but I have a kid who is an elite Athlete (trains 6 times a week) She copped a double dose of Influenza A and has had three weeks where she hasn't run a step. It is ugly, kills the elderly and the young and if you get it, it is very hard to shake off. It is very slow to recover from. She has basically missed a month of school and is doing her HSC. Tried to play her hockey semi and played like a dog for half a game until needing replacement!!!


Premium Member
Fair Enough Flip , But I bet Kennedy wouldnt stay out 3 weeks for a Virus ?

True, but Kennedy is a freak when it comes to dealing with pain. Unfair to judge everyone's recuperative powers against Kennedy.

Stuey Davis’s Socks

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Tipping Member
We've certainly got value for $ out of BK. Remember the initial outcry that we'd wasted money on an old crock who would probably break down after 4 -5 games.

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