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Manly fire sale: likely homes for potential Sea Eagles discards Peta Hiku, Jamie Buhrer

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mosto, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. mosto

    mosto I have a well known member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    WITH the odds of Dylan Walker suiting up for Manly in 2016 shortening with each passing day, the Sea Eagles look to be scrambling to create room in their salary cap.

    Some bargain buys could be the result with one time State of Origin back-rower Jamie Buhrer, Kiwi utility Peta Hiku and props Brenton Lawrence and Josh Starling all reportedly in the shop window.

    Hiku, a Test player and still just 22, is likely to attract most interest due to his obvious class and ability to cover a number of positions in the backline.

    Having re-signed for the Sea Eagles until 2017 earlier this year, it is likely Manly would have to cover a significant wedge of Hiku’s salary even if he was to leave.

    Buhrer, 25, has just one year left on his contract and is coming off a serious knee injury in 2015. He’s unlikely to get an offer elsewhere equal to the salary he’s on now, so again Manly would be forced to dedicate significant cap space for a good player to play elsewhere.

    Brenton Lawrence shapes as one of Manly’s dispensable players.Source: News Corp Australia

    Like Buhrer, Lawrence (30) and Starling (25) are off-contract at the end of 2016. Both are second-tier players who would come relatively cheap.

    So, which clubs are likely to be interested, and which clubs should be?


    The candidates: Titans, Knights, Dragons, Sharks, Storm, Roosters, Eels, Panthers

    Who won’t make a play? Knights

    Newcastle are well catered for in the backs and are likely to want to make a home for Dane Gagai, Sione Mata’utia or Jake Mamo at fullback, where Hiku could serve them best.

    MOVING: Walker edges closer to Souths departure

    Who might make a play? Dragons, Titans

    Paul McGregor still isn’t sold on Josh Dugan as a fullback, due to his inability to ballplay. If McGregor decides he wants to put Dugan in the centres, the Dragons could do worse than to go for Hiku at fullback. At this stage though, the Dragons seem more intent on adding a hooker, potentially Robbie Farah or Matt McIllwrick, than an outside back.

    The Titans certainly have the money to get Hiku but Neil Henry has spoken about his desire to build depth and quality in the forwards, potentially making Buhrer and Lawrence better fits.

    Peta Hiku runs the ball in New Zealand’s recent series loss to England.Source: Getty Images

    Most likely suitors: Eels, Sharks, Storm, Roosters, Panthers

    After parting ways with Will Hopoate, Parramatta could clearly do with another quality centre and with plenty of his former teammates now wearing blue and gold, it would be easy to see Hiku joining the fold.

    The Sharks are pretty strong all over the park but with a new halves pairing set to create more attacking opportunities, they could do with some additional strike out wide to finish things off.

    The Storm were recently looking to get Jamal Idris down to Melbourne to replace the departing Kurt Mann and Mahe Fonua. With Idris taking an indefinite break from the game, it might be that Hiku becomes an alternative target.

    One of the biggest dilemmas for the Roosters next season is how to fill the shoes of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.

    It would be a risk to move Blake Ferguson from his favoured position of centre and the kid being groomed for the role, Latrell Mitchell is just 18.

    After shipping RTS and James Maloney, the Chooks no doubt have some cap space to play with and Hiku might just be the perfect solution to shore up their spine.

    Finally, the Panthers have been linked to a possible play for Walker but with that looking long odds, Hiku might be the backup plan to replace Idris, after he quit the club to take an indefinite break.

    Jamie Buhrer might be collateral damage in the Dylan Walker deal.Source: News Corp Australia

    The candidates: Titans, Knights, Tigers, Storm, Bulldogs

    Who won’t make a play: Bulldogs, Tigers

    Des Hasler gave Buhrer his chance in first grade and the pair won a premiership together at Manly in 2011.

    With Frank Pritchard leaving a spot in the back row is open and Canterbury could perhaps benefit from a speedy workhorse like Buhrer to complement a pack full of size and power, particularly with the interchange dropping from 10 to eight.

    However, Buhrer’s former teammate Will Hopoate is on the verge of a move to Belmore and that could eat away all the Bulldogs’ remaining cap space.

    The Tigers have lost experienced forwards Keith Galloway and Martin Taupau in the off-season and are likely to leave Robbie Farah out of first grade, at least to start the season.

    An experienced forward like Buhrer could be a handy addition to a young team, but it seems unlikely that Jason Taylor would go that way, considering the promotion from within philosophy he favours.

    Dylan Walker’s potential Manly move has ripple effects across the competition.Source: News Corp Australia

    Who might make a play? Storm

    Melbourne have lost two quality back rowers in the last two years with Ryan Hoffman heading to the Warriors and Ryan Hinchcliffe heading off to the Super League.

    Tohu Harris, Kevin Proctor and Dale Finucane remain but Craig Bellamy could do worse than adding Buhrer to the mix at the right price.

    Most likely suitors: Titans, Knights

    Both the Titans and the Knights are looking to add quality to their packs, with Newcastle the early favourite to make a play.

    After moving on Adam Clydsdale, new coach Nathan Brown was understood to be honing in on English hooker James Roby but a back-rower who can pinch hit at dummy half like Buhrer wouldn’t be the worst alternative.

    Neil Henry has plenty of cash to work with and is in need of quality replacements for Nate Myles and Dave Taylor, with Queensland utility Chris McQueen a possible target.

    With McQueen looking more likely to remain at Redfern for 2016, Buhrer could make a handy fallback option.

    Josh Starling could be on his last chance at NRL level.Source: News Corp Australia

    The candidates: Titans, Knights, Dragons, Tigers, Panthers

    These two are likely to be harder to shift than Hiku and Buhrer, with late bloomer Lawrence already 30 and coming off knee and back injuries that made him a semi-permanent member of Manly’s rehab squad in 2015.

    Starling is younger but has failed to lock down a position in the pack at his first two clubs and must be getting close to the last chance saloon.

    Lawrence is the better credentialed of the two and in 2014 he threatened to break into the Queensland team.

    That might make him a good fit for the Titans, although they could find some competition for him with Newcastle, who are also looking to strengthen their front row.

    The Russell Packer situation is the joker in the pack. If he is deported the Dragons will find themselves short of a prop, making Lawrence and Starling potential targets.

    The Tigers could also do worse than a cut-price option to reinforce a front-row that will be without Galloway and Taupau, while the Panthers have also been left with a very young front row by the retirements of Brent Kite and Nigel Plum.
  2. KeithSheldon

    KeithSheldon Well-Known Member

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    This article seems to assume that they are all going to be moved on which is really silly. At most two will be pushed out.
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    • tookey

      tookey Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      The club must have had no sucess in offloading Mateo and Burgess.

      Our salary cap will improve no end in 2017 when a lot of our players are off contract. Expect some big signings for 2017
    • Frogz

      Frogz Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      Nothing like News Ltd/Telecr@p to keep flogging us. They must be so p1ssed that we are gunna do well next year.
    • Disco

      Disco Well-Known Member

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      Aaron Woods dropped the name Brenton Lawrence when talking about the Tigers pack yesterday
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      • Jase Seaeagle

        Jase Seaeagle Active Member

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        I can Understand offloading BJ and Starling but not JB and Hiku. But gee I would love to see BJ back to full fitness. he was good for us in 2014. Why not get rid of Starling,Burgess. You can't replace an injured back with a Front Rower. We need back Depth. I know everyone is saying you got to have Tom . T in the NRL Side but what if he gets Injured who do we have then. Not Williame or Nathan Green that would be an insult to Hiku in my books. Lets not forget the good things Peta Hiku has done for the Club. I like the Kid.
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        • lsz

          lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          If only it was as simple as "getting rid of players". As it stands we need to find people who are willing to take the players on - even if that is at a discounted rate (where we are paying for a % of their wage). Therefore we are only able to move on players who are attractive to other teams.

          For the same reasons we are wanting to move on players like Burgess other teams are reluctant to take him on.....which is why more attractive options like Peta and Jamie B are being discussed
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          • robbiea

            robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            This is maybe the only reason Hiku's head is on the chopping block.
            He def on Ztc's list -


            IT was a case of guess who's coming to lunch for Sea Eagles board member Bob Reilly.

            When he learnt that his niece Lisa Marie was bringing her new boyfriend to the family's big Christmas Day spread, Reilly didn't think any more about it.

            That was until Lisa Marie arrived on the doorstep with rising Sea Eagles fullback Peta Hiku.

            "I don't know who got the bigger surprise, Peta or myself," Reilly said.

            Hiku quickly scored a lot of brownie points with the Reilly clan by presenting Bob's wife Debbie with a bottle of Verve.

            (Maybe clutching at straws ,but it is Narcissistic Ztc )
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            • The Who

              The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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              So, if a contracted player wants to stay, what can the club do? Why would the three players mentioned want to move? Just like Farah at the Tigers?
              Personally, I'd MUCH prefer to keep our players than gain Walker.
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              • sheridanstand78

                sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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                Can we do a swap with the Tigpies? Woods to us, Starling and Lawrence to them. Woods supported us as a kid. Make it happen please!!
              • sean john

                sean john Bring Back The Biff

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                Sure he wasn't talking about Chris Lawrence ??
              • Jerry1

                Jerry1 Well-Known Member

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                Yawnathon sorry...... The guy is a flake...
              • Pablo

                Pablo Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                Happy we're building a strong team for the future but sad it means discarding a heap of true blue manly favourites to get there.
                At this rate in 2 years time we'll be just be another soulless franchise full of mercenaries like the other 15 teams.
                The modern era stinks!
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                • conanu

                  conanu Well-Known Member

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                  I cant see the point in getting rid of Brenton Lawrence or Starlo. We would be paying a portion of their salary and they would be on peanuts to start with. Nothing to be gained but loss of depth.
                  Buhrer is young he is "Manly" he is also best mates with DCE, Buhrers wife works for the club & he is the only guy out of our new forward pack that has won a premiership and that was with Manly. Would be one of the dumbest moves to sign Lewis Brown and lose Buhrer to create cap space, it makes no sense. If someone is chasing Hiku and prepared to pay all of his wages then I think he will be the movement for Walker. The only way any of them are going is if they have a bigger offer and want to leave.
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                  • Ripper

                    Ripper Active Member

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                    Could be worse......

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                    • GoldenEagle41

                      GoldenEagle41 Active Member

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                      thats taylor trying to hold onto his coaching career
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                      • Ripper

                        Ripper Active Member

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                        Haha yeah, grasping at nothing
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                        • wombatgc

                          wombatgc Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                          I heard BJ is more than happy with Sydney life and isn't keen on coming back to the Titans. There was talk about any animosity between he and Cartwright (Cartwrights call to flick him at the Tits), a definite no on that one. Absolutely no problems with Cartwright. So as others have said if he does get moved on, you'd think it'd be the Tigers.
                          Agree with @conanu , crazy move to flick Buhrer and sign Brown!
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                          • Brookvale2015

                            Brookvale2015 Active Member

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                            We aren't moving players on to sign walker, we've signed walker already...

                            Players are being moved on to make way for big name international
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                            • Steve76

                              Steve76 Active Member

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                              Buhrer- 5 less penalties and flops per game
                              Hiku- 4 less dropped bombs and 3 less missed tackles. Hiku plays great for kiwis but doesn't bring that chunky body form to us.
                              Id much prefer tafua to go tho but as is stands They are both getting payed overs.
                              During the year, most whinged about penn and recruitment.
                              Well, let him do his job. We have more now than we have the last few years.
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