Manly Dream Team Announced

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Straight from the function from Wheel:

60 Year Dream Team Announced:




Coach: Stanton

Manager: Arthurson

No Captain was named - Special Mention was made of Fred Jones, Rex Mossop and Max Whitehead.

More news on the function as it comes to hand.


Journey Man
spud and cement did not spend anywhere near the time nor have anywhere near the club impact that vautin did, and him and crusher were a team anyway - one was not great without the other overall


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
people have really short memories about fatty.
Had he had the choice he would have been a one club player, he never wanted to leave manly.


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
1. Graham Eadie – 1971-83 (237 games)
2. Ken Irvine 1971-73 (60 games)
3. Bob Fulton 1966-76 (313 games)
4. Michael O’Connor 1982-87 (115 games)
5. Ray Branighan 1972-78 (114 games)
6. Wally O’Connell 1951-52 (34 games)
7. Geoff Toovey 1988-2001 (286 games)
8. Roy Bull 1947-59 (177 games)
9. Max Krilich 1970-83 (215 games)
10. John O’Neill 1972-74 (51 games
11. Steven Menzies 1993 - present (302 games)
12. Terry Randall 1970-82 (208 games)
13. Malcolm Reilly 1971-75 (89 games)

14. Desmond Hasler 1984-96 (255 games)
15. Ben Kennedy 2005-06 (37 games)
16. Cliff Lyons 1986-99 (309 games)
17. Paul Vautin 1979-89 (204 games)


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I have no real probs with Fatty being there, but feel Mossop needed to be there over either him or BK


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I was surprised by Vautins inclusion at the expense of greats like Crusher, Spud, Cement etc

you rate Spud and Cement above Fatty 8| They may have had more skill but Fatty was part of the furniture at Manly for so long and gave his all. Deserves a bench spot over those players mentioned imo.


Winging it
Fatty deserves a spot. I think that the biggest shock is BK with only 37 games but that is testament to the impact he has had for us.

Here is something on Wally O'Connell from Soaring Sea Eagle:
An Australian International five-eighth, Wally O'Connell became a Manly legend by sitting out the 1950 season and forfeiting certain test representation to honour his agreement to coach Manly.

An Easts junior, Wally represented Sydney in 1943-44 and played in Easts premiership winning side in 1945. On the 1948-49 Kangaroo tour, Wally appeared in all five tests, captaining Australia in the First Test against Great Britain.

On his return, he took on a captain-coach position in Wollongong but when he attempted to join Manly as captain-coach in 1950. Easts appealed to the NSWRL. The Residential Status Committee ruled that he had not qualified to play for the Sea Eagles and ordered him to play with Easts.

In order to honour his agreement to coach Manly. O'Connell sat out the 1950 season than play with his former club thereby forfeiting his Test position for the Ashes series against Great Britain.

Captain-coach of Manly in 1951-52, O'Connell regained his Test spot against France in 1951.

Wally led Manly to its first Grand Final in 1951 although he missed playing in the Grand Final because of injury. He was forced to retire as a player in 1952 because of a recurring eye injury. Wally played 34 games for Manly in 1951 and 1952, scoring 11 tries.

He remained a Manly stalwart after retiring from playing and returned to coach the first grade side in 1966 and 67. These were important formative years leading up to Manly's grand final appearance in 1968 and it's first premiership in 1972.

O'Connell also coached Qld in 1973.

Sources: Smith 1991, pp 39 - 40; Whiticker and Hudson , p 445.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I can only see one error in the side as named.

How could they call our current coach "Desmond" I mean if it was me, I would be all over them, to call me Des or Dessie or hell, even call me Trev,,,,,,but Desmond ! 8|

How embarrassment :blush:

Chip and Chase

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[quote author=Chip & Chase]
Vautin ??? WTF

What's the problem C&C? Vautin well deserves his place IMHO.

Just never got sucked in by the Vautin hype. Was a solid enough footballer, but when you see some of the palyers left out in preference to his inclusion then I think he is fairly lucky to be in this exalted company. Having said that, I also think that Kennedy's inclusion is a bit whiffy, great player and a standout at the moment, but I don't yet consider him a Manly great. However if he leads us to a premiership this year than he can be Captain Coach for all I care :dance:

I'd take Cleal, Kosef, Gartner, or Gibbs over Fatty any day. Of course that's just my opinion.
When you see Fatty clowning around these days you tend to forget what a great player he was. Imo he deserves his spot and would have played a lot more tests if Junior was not a selectors favourite.


Reserve Grader
Put it this way, as much as i loved watching des hasler, vautin deserves to be there ahead of him. So if someone like Des deserves to be there, then Fatty needs to be there. GF winning capt, capt SOO and Aust. Legend.

Cement and carroll - no, but i felt for crusher also....and also thought Ian Roberts deserved a mention.

It's kinda strange to have BK there, but the bloke is a freak - and prolly deserves it.

Canteen Worker

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Des is there for his utility value. Late in his career his running and energy as a sub was sensational. I think playing in Premierships and for Australia may have swayed the judges too.


Oconnell in front of Cliffy? Is there any doubt about that or was he really that good?

I havent seen a better player than King Cliffy.. why is he so underated when they talk bout the greats... He was a magician of the highest order.

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