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Heard on the radio this morning that manly are DNA testing their players so they can create individually taylored training for all the players.
From today's Manly Daily:

DNA tests in bid for super stars

MANLY players are being DNA tested in a ground-breaking scientific experiment aimed at producing the ultimate footballer.

In a first in Australian sport, 18 players have given DNA samples,

with a further six to undergo cheek swabs next week.

The samples are to be tested at a Mortdale laboratory.

When all the information is compiled each player's training program will be individually tailored to match his genetic make-up.

The information will also help identity those who are susceptible to certain types of injury and help in injury rehabilitation.

Manly team physiologist Steve Dank believes DNA testing will give the Sea Eagles a decided advantage over their rivals.

"We are using DNA to look at the genetic blueprint of the players," Dank explained.

"We develop a genetic pool and can tailor-make the training program specific to what the gene results give us.

"Traditionally players have turned up to training and done the same sort of speed and endurance work in one big group.

"This (DNA) information indicates certain players are more orientated towards anaerobic work and others are more orientated towards aerobic work.

"We want to get to the stage where we specialise the groups according to the genetic profile."

Asked if it was the first step towards producing the super footballer, Dank said: "We can certainly put together the profile but you still have to take environmental factors into account.

"But this is a tool that will give us a huge advantage.

"No one else in Australia is doing this in any code of football."

Manly coach Des Hasler is delighted with the early results from Dank's work.

"It is pioneering stuff, very state of the art," he said last night.

"It's not going to win you competitions but it can give us advantages in certain areas."
heard that too.

Im not sure about the DNA stuff BUT the big big big big big positive is that Manly have been in the news nearly all week for the last 2 weeks.

That can only be good and its something they have not had for a few seasons, the more they are on the news the more people hear about them and the more hype that is built. I am guessing this would be a combined effort between Zorba and Phillip Dean, and its a brilliant move :clap: :clap:
Seems like we have a solid marketing machine this year.
Agreed Daniel. And there's been more than just Hoppa mentioned too.

I saw this story on the Today show even. I might ask for a perspective from my biochemist doctorate brother. :!
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Yeah I saw it on sunrise as I was heading out the door too.
Shock preliminary findings after DNA testing:

"the disappearing finger" gene

"the nose vacuum" gene (now retired)

"shimply shenshational" time regressive gene

"too sexy for my genes, too sexy for my genes..." gene

Manly are looking at a form of bottled gene therapy that could provide an anti-aging, high-flying, image enhancing touch(ie) spray that can be used during a game.
Watch it gus your pushng hte envelope

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