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CONCERNED Manly skipper Michael Monaghan has revealed his fear of being branded a mercenary and copping abuse from 18,000 fans at Brookvale Oval tomorrow as contracts talks with the club remain at an impasse.

In an honest disclosure on the eve of tomorrow's vital clash with Penrith, Monaghan told The Manly Daily: ``I am not a greedy person.

``The club is saying I've asked for extra money but that's simply not the case.

``I've got people coming up to me in the street asking me why I'm holding out for more money and questioning my loyalty.

``The last thing I want is to run out against Penrith and have our supporters booing me because they think I'm holding out on the club.

``Nothing could be further from the truth.

``I love it here and want to stay.''

Monaghan has been given two weeks to prove his worth before re-starting contract talks with the Sea Eagles.

The club is believed to be chasing Melbourne half-back Matt Orford and may be buying time by giving Monaghan an ultimatum.

``I don't know why they've put this deadline on me - the club's lost me a bit on all this,'' Monaghan said.

``But I don't mind that bit of extra pressure. It's up to me to perform over the next two weeks.''

The Manly captain has ruled out joining another NRL club if he is forced out of Brookvale and will instead head to England to play in the Super League.

Coach Des Hasler is desperately trying to keep a lid on the issue to ensure it doesn't derail Manly's charge to the finals.

It's been a testing week for the Sea Eagles boss, with the fallout from Monaghan's contracts talks coinciding with the well- publicised Shayne Dunley spitting case.

But there was good news for Hasler yesterday with his NSW Origin representatives - Ben Kennedy and Anthony Watmough - cleared to play against the Panthers.

Both want to start the game after originally being selected on the bench.
Well then he should have taken the initial offer rather than stuffing them arond if that was true.

My managare is oversees isn't a good enough excuse to not accept an offer that is obviously alright, if you aren't holding out for more money.
Dood to be honest I don't think anyone knows the real story. I think noth parties have been stuffed around. I really hope Monas carves up.
With it being a TV game there will be fewer fans there! 15432 for me!!!

Biggest crowd of the season will be when the Broncs come to town!!!
the club was pissed off that monas couldnt make the city/country teams, now they basically want him out. i think its crazy to even consider sending monas out of the team. his done a great deal to manly and im sure it would please most of the manly fans to keep him and lead manly to victory.
I think thats the opinion of most justiinn. We all want him in the side, He is great for the team and the spirit! I for one rate him in our top 5 players. Problem is, with the money manly have now, we can afford a top line halfback. Thats not to say that monas wouldn't be a great hooker. He is brilliant at running to the line.

Great first post too mate, enjoy the site!
I cant see why a club would want a player to be in a rep team. They use this as a leaver for how much they get payed. They should look at on field performances. As i'm sure they do.

We all know Oford has played bugger all rep footy! But it's somehow OK to pay him $450k
yeah, id definately rank monas in the top 5 also. what is the likey decision on monas? i guess we have to wait for this friday nights performance against the roosters? and i couldnt agree more with byso. Keep monas!!! thx flip
I just dont see that much improvement to be gained from orford.

I think what we need is a 5/8 who has a different game style that comliments monas or witt. At the monet they are a bit too similar.

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