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Manly 2017 Predicted Team

Harry Smith

I think I'm actually a bloody sea eagle
Aug 27, 2016
2016... nah on to 2017 please i'm trying to forget 2016, the year of the injury curse. Anyways here is my manly line-up for 2017, and obviously it's gonna change given possible signings, positional switches, you name it but i've come up with what I believe at this stage our side should look like.
1. Tom Trbojevic
2. Jorge Tafua
3. Dylan Walker
4. Steve Matai (if retired due to injury, i believe we stand a chance to sign James Roberts or we'll just have Matt Wright/Brayden Williame fill the position for the year)
5. Brad Parker (very good but may need one more year) or Uate (if signed, hope bloody not)
6. Blake Green
7. Daly Cherry Evans
8. Darcy Lussick
9. Matt Parcell
10. Addin Fonua Blake
11. Marty Tapau (much better playing at second row then prop, more impact and plays 80)
12. Matt Gillett (if signed)
13.Jake Trbojevic
14. Jamie Buhrer
15. Willis Meehan
16. Nelson Asofa Solomona
17. Siosia Vave (reckon we'll stun the eels and re-sign him as he wishes to and he is one of the many players in this line-up that'll be part of the core in the our new era)

Notable Missed Players Out Of 1-17
* Brenton Lawrence (sadly too many injuries i think it'll be best to release him although I absolutely love the bloke, plays his heart out for manly each week)
* Nate Myles (been too lethargic and injury-riddled to make my line-up but can see him forced into it based on the $ he's on, don't wanna be wasting that now, do we? ahh maybe when it comes to his form this year...)
* Josh Starling (simple... poor defence, little impact)
* Apisai Korisau (can't waste a bench spot with the forwards we got coming through, no point replacing vave, meehan, buhrer or asofa solomona's spot with a hooker, it'd be "ridiculous" and "there'd have to be an investigation!" :( miss ya toovs... anyway
* Frank Winterstein (I reckon he's gonna be a star in the future, but would have to earn his spot playing as a backup)
* Liam Knight (of course a future star, gotta introduce him slowly throughout season though and more often as it goes on)
* Blake Leary (A stabilizer, but we have enough of them already, he's a back up for 2017)

Do you guys agree?
We are really starting to build depth in the squad as we prepare for the next decade of dominance

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