Manly 11th in 2007

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Journey Man
Given the way the finals ran I think you can say that we were the 6th best team in the comp this year. Looking ahead to next years' Top8 here are some things to consider:

Are we stronger or weaker next year? I contend weaker - Lyon's arrival may cancel out the loss of BK, but we lose depth up front and we did have a good run with injury in the forwards this year. If we were to lose Kite (and he won't be as fresh next year if he serves Tri-Nations duty) we are cactus. Also, the two games against Souths will not be a gimme next year.

Are any of the 5 teams ahead of us likely to decline next year to an extent they are behind us?

Storm - No
Broncos - unlikely
Dragons - they will decline but they beat us 28-0 when the whips were cracking
Bullwogs - unlikely
Newcastle, quite possibly especially if Johns get injured.

OF the 7th and 8th teams I think we can assume that the Raiders will go out backwards and the Eels will improve to be better than us next year (as much as I hate to say it).

Thus we're still around 6th with a buffer of two spots between us and oblivion. Are there two teams who didn't make the 8 capable of overtaking us?

Warriors - they should have made the 8 this time. A distinct possibility to improve.
Panthers - unlikely but it is hard to get a certain 24-6 halftime Brrokvale score out of my head. Count them as a NO though.
Sharks - NO.
Cowboys - Absolutely yes.
Tigers - A decent run with injuries and the 2005 Premiers are a YES.
Souths - No doubt they will improve, but not enough - NO.
Rorters - Hard to see them missing finals action again under Anderson and with further signings. YES
Titans - Unlikely to surpass us in their first year.

However, if things pan out as I fear is it possible that 11th is the best we can hope for next year?


UFO Hunter
I tend to agree. I don't see us making the eight. Not with the forwards depth we have. And considering King goes down like a sack of **** in every game he plays we are in even more trouble.

Kite can only do so much. IMO we only have 2 decent front rowers in the entire club. Kite and Rose. Not enough im affraid.


First Grader
Way too hard to tell at this stage, alot picked the Roosters & Cowboys to make the finals this year and look what happend.

We have no hope of trying to predict who will finish where. Way too many what ifs!!!!!

However my opinion is we will stay around the same position and may even improve slightly as our backline attack is where we lacked sometimes this year, with Lyon we are lot more potent. However injury gods need to be on our side.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
As we are 2 weeks into Manlys off season and we still have over 5 months before 07 kicks off I think its too early for doom and gloom.

Chip and Chase

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Judging by this post I'd say it's going to be a long off season. I suggest you don't drink any Gin and I'd stay away from sharp objects.

When you consider that there was 4 wins (8 points) between 3rd and 12th than if not for a couple of lucky last ditch wins we may have finished 11th this year.


Geez mata,

Wasting no time in extinguisher all hope any manly fan has for next season.

First the "Who needs to be shown the door thread" about how **** our players are (the same players that contributed to the club finishing equal 3rd this year) and now this....

Maybe we need a for the off season or something... i can't be ****ed reading this **** every week


Journey Man
[quote author=Matabele]
Off you go then Nutz. We shan't be poorer for your absence. ;)

:lol: :lol: :lol: I see your over inflated ego is misleading you again. ;)


Not at all. You kiddies just can't handle it when my obvious superiority calls your bluff!

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
[quote author=Jatz Crackers]
[quote author=Matabele]
Off you go then Nutz. We shan't be poorer for your absence. ;)

:lol: :lol: :lol: I see your over inflated ego is misleading you again. ;)


Not at all. You kiddies just can't handle it when my obvious superiority calls your bluff!


I was just a tad disappointed when you reneged on yours :D

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Too early for this yet. Depends what Santa Noel leaves the club in his Christmas sack.

Injuries, a happy club, improvement of youngsters, the coaching formula - lots of variables.

My two cents - we have a lot of improvement left in our attack and if we can defend consistently like we did (without the ball in the last month) we will go alright.
Mata, Mata, Mata......I think too many years in the bush filling up your car with diesel petrol has finally dulled that once vibrant brain of yours. Roosters to finish above us next year? You must be kidding - we've been above them 2 yrs in a row, and there's no evidence they will improve enough to jump ahead of us. Tigers? Not on what I saw this year, depsite their injuries. Cowboys? Based on what - reputation? Did you not see them lose a thooouusand games in a row this year? And the worst prediction of all - Parramatta!!!! They're losing key players, and could go backwards next year, not forwards. I think you need a loooong holiday in the big smoke to recollect your thoughts.
I can not see any team from this year being stronger next year given loss of players to ESL & the Titans so there is no reason to think we will not be as competitive next year as this year.


It seems to me like Mata didn't watch half the season, he must have missed the games where the cowboys and roosters capitulated. It doesn't look like there will be any quick fixes for them next year.

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