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UFO Hunter
Now im not about to go and blame this man for our loss, their were a lot of aspects to our game that need changing before beating a red hot Radiers side next week but this bloke played a big part in the loss.

At times, I could have sworn he had his whistle in his mouth waiting for something too happen. And the witt sin bin???? He ran in to stop the fight and was elbowed in the face. The hold downs? Monas had it right. If mander would notice the dragons crawling and walking forward after the tackle was made, the hold down penalties would not amount.

The fact is, Mander gave St George the momentum they needed to score their tries and get on top of our defence, and although not all were unvalid penalties, Im willing to put my neck our and say the majority were.
and when was the last time whinging like a three year old kid made a ref change his mind.these people are human.if you keep screaming at them of course they will take a set against you. shutup,get back the 10 and tackle- and tackle is something which we have showed we can do very effectively this year.we are always at the top of the penalties conceded count and we have to address our discipline and relationship with referees.both monaghan and kennedy are culpable in this regard over the years and until we get more professional in this regard nothing will change.i love tooves but even i was embarrassed with his moaning at simply doesnt work ,management are very aware of it and something should be done and done quickly.
Agreed sue. We seem to be on a mission to antagonise the referees which is self defeating for mine.
Monas and the Hampster have had run-ins since last year. He is pissed off with Manly and it shows. Until we show maturity and play the game instead of blaming every one else nothing will change. I am sick of cringing at our on-field antics. Players like Dunners, who completely lost the plot again, will only cause us enormous pain. Sue echoes my thoughts exactly.
Yeah the bitching should be rectified, but I can understand why they did last night. Hampster was a dead-set disgrace as Flipper said. That fight summed up the whole night. Stewart gets hit high. Head then rubs Stewarts head in the ground. Stewart gets up has a little push, then Head has a shot at him. Witt runs in 15m to try and help break it up and gets sent. Hampster, you are a fool.

What about that Randall penalty. He gets elbowed in the head, takes offence as you would, then gets penalised.
I don't even know why the ref is an issue, we were so aweful last night it didn't even play a part in the match imo. Self defeating is losing the ball every time we get in the opposition's half, we can't blame anyone but the players for those errors.
I counted 8 obviously biased calls against us to 1 for us.

That played a huge part. When Witt got sent it just summed it up.

He should be dropped for such a piss poor performance.
im not talking about one game.our ridiculous method of dealing with referees has been going on for years.monaghan has simply taken over the reins from toovey.ever wondered why our share of penalties doesnt improve.
Yes we need some improvement, no disagreement there. It wouldnt hurt to have some referee improvement as well.

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