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Biker gets two penises
March 14, 2005

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A German biker with two penises has reportedly lost his wife.

Plastic surgeons constructed a new penis for Michael Gruber, 40, after a motorcycle crash left him without one, reports

But, despite fathering a child with wife Bianca, 25, Gruber asked doctors to repeat the operation and build him a better organ.

They agreed, but before removing the first penis, they said they needed to make sure the new tissue transplant worked. reported Dr Markus Kuentscher, a plastic surgeon at Berlin's Accident Hospital, as saying: "We left the old one attached until the new one is properly supplied with blood."

But Gruber's wife went home, packed her bags after her husband showed her the results of the operation.

From his hospital bed he said: "I've got two penises but no wife, but I am hoping when I get rid of one of the penises I will get her back."

His story was this week featured on a German TV documentary called The Last Penis Operation


I'm sure you could apply it to plenty of brother emailed me this morning proud as punch from Thailand were he is working, telling me about his experience last night when taking a Danish backpacker home.
She asked if her Sweedish friend could come back as well- he thought it was just a bloke who was going to crash on his floor-no no no it was a female friend who was as interested in sleeping as her Danish friend.....two heads are definately better than one.
Being single and stuck in a country town I hope he contracted a disease - bastard !


Kim Jong Dan
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might have to get myself to thailand


apparently it is not all that hard to pick up over there- BUT pick up what is the question.....


Kim Jong Dan
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too true matas.

still we can live vicariously through the bloke


Kim Jong Dan
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he was probably already told by his Thai lady boys

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