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'Make an example' of Ross

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by fLIP, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Where does a Melbourne player get off asking someone to be made an example of at the judiciary? Of all the people who need to be made example of, its those cheating back of grapple tackling, ball grabbing scumbags that play for melbourne.

    March 26, 2008 MELBOURNE captain Cameron Smith has called for Sharks prop Ben Ross to be "stamped out" of rugby league at the NRL judiciary.

    The Sharks forward faces a ban of between seven to nine games for his late elbow on Storm half-back Cooper Cronk last Sunday, with Smith saying "it is a clear example of someone getting hit late and high".

    "It's now up to the judiciary to set an example and try and stamp someone out," Smith said.

    Ross will be part of a marathon evening at NRL headquarters, where four star players will appear on charges from last weekend's round.

    Storm prop Brett White is seeking a downgrade for punching Ross during the drama.

    Both players were sent off.

    Manly prop Josh Perry and Brisbane full-back Karmichael Hunt will also front the judiciary in an attempt to avoid getting a one-week suspension.

    Ross denied he was a thug for his elbow to Cronk's jaw.

    "There was no way it was meant to happen like that," he said.

    "It was an accident gone wrong.

    "I showed that by turning around straight away and going to him.

    "I just hope the judiciary see it that way.

    "I was going up to tell (Cronk) sorry, that it was an accidental thing. Hopefully he knows that. I didn't hit him with all my strength. I am just in shock at the moment.

    "I was made out to look like a thug yesterday and I am not like that. It is just a game and I am sorry. If I was a thug I would have been high-fiving and clapping and cheering.

    "As soon as I hit him, I went to turn around and say sorry as he was getting up. It's not me."

    Cronk said he harboured no animosity toward Ross.

    "Not at all. I've got no problem with him," Cronk said.

    "It's a contact sport - these things happen.

    "There's a bit of chaos about the tackle. Seeing some the incidents over the weekend it's a physical game and it happens from time to time. I could feel him coming but I was more worried about where the kick went. He got me - it's as simple as that."

    White will be defended by leading Sydney barrister Geoff Bellew.

    White will miss two matches if successful with his appeal. If unsuccessful, he will be suspended for four games.

    "We all know why it happened," Melbourne football manager Frank Ponissi said.

    "We just want to get a result that we think is fair.

    "We're not going to do anything ridiculous and say he's not guilty of a striking charge. Of course he's guilty of a striking charge, that's black and white.

    "We're just hoping for a fairer grading."

    Perry will attempt to beat a head-butting charge - an unnecessary act that almost certainly cost Manly victory against Newcastle.

    He, too, will be represented by Bellew.

    North Queensland centre Ashley Graham has accepted a one-game ban for a high tackle on Wests Tigers skipper Brett Hodgson.

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