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What position was he in for the final 10 mins or so ?

He looked the best he has all year with ball in hand, and linked nicely with Bell. On that 10mins i would still like to see him have a run at the 6 jersey, he added something extra. May have also been bcause he was finally back on the right hand side of the park, where he made himself a star and looks a more natural player


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Yes give him a go at 5/8 next week against Canberra. We'll need to stop Carney and get things going. Monas and Orford just can't play beside each other, it clearly doesnt work.


its been said Lyon, while not having done much wrong has been quiet. He is arguably our best creative ball runner, lets get him at 5/8 as soon as possible.

Monaghs has to be at Half or hooker or not be in the team, he himself has admitted that with his actions this week speaking louder than words on what positions he feels comfortable. Just too slow and predictable as a 5/8 im afraid.


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Lyon at 5/8, then maybe Bell can stand up, run forward, or be OUT. His lateral stop-start running is beginning to be painful to watch.


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Lyon's defense is fantastic. He blew it with a Farrar's try but he really adds to the team in taking down dominant centres. I am sure we will lose a lot in this area if he goes to 5/8 but scoring more points wins games so it is a definite option.


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orford has missed out on the city country so pretty much say goodbye to origin unless both gower and gimmemorley have shockers - he is obviously not fully recovered, give him a week off with monas and lyon together in the halves


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Makes Mona's decision interesting on Monday but less complicated whilst Matai is out. Easy if Mona's is leaving, that leaves the club open to run Ballin at Hooker. If Matai was playing you could see Matai in centres, Ballin at Hooker, Lyon at 5/8. Orford needs game time so keep playing him. Puts Mona's on bench. With Burns out, do we put Lyon at 5/8 and run Haldin at inside centre? Don't think that will happen. So I guess more of the same style football.

In the centres debate, I don't think they have been given a great go because it appears we have G Stewart, and Whatmough running on different sides of the field more or less playing an inside centre position. They both run angles to the sideline (more often Stewart) and then passing the ball to the outside player having to run inside to catch the pass with a group of defenders there in cover. This in my unskilled opinion doesn't give the outside players the oppotunity to be creative.


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Agree Mellon, the backline seems to get confused and crowds the wingers to the side line with so many out there running laterally. Bell seems out of sorts with this style. I think Des will persist with Monas at 5/8 next week, but Haldin there might be a better option. Haldin more like a running Thompson type 5/8 (he played with Fulton). Monas and Ballin share hooker.


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Its OK DSM5, I was around when Thompson played!
I'd be happy if they played the 2nd rowers on the short side and let the backs run the open side. Don't mind the 2nd rowers go either side in defense.

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