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First Grader
Jatz, you have to let some go, that one was way too easy :)

Besides which, the job of spelling Nazi has already been filled :cop:

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Oiiiii! I was a spelling Nazi very early in the peace!!!! I have been quiet on the matter of late but Byso has needed correction from the very start of the game. (And I am not talking about his Nazi, extremist right wing views, just his spelling!!)

(Can Byso spot my error???)


First Grader
yes CW, you started the ball rolling but I privatised it and took it out of your hands, I still allow some amateur spelling checks to go on but once it reaches anything above recreational levels you will be hearing from my legal advisors ;)


Journey Man
I don't use spell check like you blokes...and upposed has always troubled me.

Looks like it's going to rain pretty bad tonight.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Thanks For. Al leest you can spel proper. Byso failed the teste though in that I didn't make a spelling error but rather a contextual errer.

We will teech him howe to do it wun dae!!


First Grader
CW, you spelt Thanks properly.

dont need spell check Ryan, just know how to spell, theres a difference. Hope it rains out here..


Journey Man
We definitely need it. I Bindi-Rid my lawn two weks ago, and the process burnt the hell out of it.

"Most" of my spelling errors are predominantly typo's, so I plead the fifth.


First Grader
no Ryan I cant buy the typo excuse I'm afraid, upposed is just the latest example in a plethora of spelling crimes you have inflicted upon us...

it't the naughty corner for you young man!! ;)


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Didn't know that it was up for sale Fro


no Ryan I cant buy the typo excuse I'm afraid, upposed is just the latest example in a plethora of spelling crimes you have inflicted upon us...

it't the naughty corner for you young man!! ;)

Hypocrite :lol:


Journey Man
Rubbish - you screwed up - LoL. I don't need to point out your flaws to you. Additionally, it should have been:-

"Earl, that was for Ryan to find. You ruined it for him."

You might have the spelling, but your grammar is just plain terrible.


Canteen Worker

First Grader
The first comma is correct but the second one (first one in Fro's sentence) was correct.

Your third sentence has a redundant comma. However as meaning is the most important thing it doesn't matter. Effective communication and context is much more important than grammar!!!


Hey guys, Back on topic.
I spoke to Cuthbo on thursday night at Mona Vale pub, who told me a few things.
-Des will give him 1st chance at Lock. He has told to trim down a bit.
-It was his last pissup until the end of next season! Impressive.
-Lyon to 5/8, Burns to Hooker. Dunley to stay as well...
-He seemed to have a big wrap on Dunley, saying that the players really respect him and the younger players look up to him.
-The story about him fooling around was b-sh!t.

I also spoke to Michael Robertson at the same venue 2 weeks ago and he told me the same thing regarding Lyon and Burns.

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