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Dragons $50,000 short of what Bailey wants
By Greg Prichard
May 19, 2005

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St George Illawarra are hamstrung by the salary cap but will have to find at least another $50,000 a season to have any hope of preventing representative star Luke Bailey from leaving the club at the end of this year.

The Herald understands the difference between what the Dragons are offering the NSW prop and what he could get by joining one of the more competitive clubs among those ready to pursue him is $100,000 a year.

That difference could stretch to $150,000 because less competitive clubs that are desperate for a player of Bailey's quality could be prepared to go as high as $400,000 a season for him.

However, it must be said there isn't much likelihood that Bailey would want to move to a struggling club.

Bailey, who will be a key man for the Blues against Queensland in State of Origin I on Wednesday, is like most players in that he would be prepared to stay with his current club for less than he could earn elsewhere as long as the offer was reasonably competitive.


He said there was still a possibility he could work out a new deal with St George Illawarra but remained determined to see what was available from rival clubs after the June 30 anti-tampering deadline passed.

"If you're happy at your club then a difference of up to $50,000 between offers before tax is not that much. But beyond that it gets pretty important," Bailey said.

The prop said he would have been prepared to re-sign with St George Illawarra for reasonable money before this season began, but at that stage the club wasn't able to make a definite offer because of salary-cap issues.

Dragons chief executive Peter Doust said he remained optimistic about the chances of re-signing Bailey, describing negotiations with him as "a work in progress".

Meanwhile, it was confirmed yesterday that South Sydney captain Bryan Fletcher would leave at the end of this season to take up a two-year deal to play in England's Super League for Wigan.



I Guess most props do. I think Ryles is worst when it comes to injuries.

thank god King is never injured!!!!


Kite / Bailey starting

Kylie off the bench, hecks working his butt off

outstanding foursome of front rowers....


Journey Man
Pepsi - I say release Hecks (who has been linked elsewhere i have heard), and release Randall. Pick up Bailey & King, and our side would be like this:-

1. Brett Stewart
2. Scott Donald
3. Matt King
4. Steve Matai
5. Chris Hicks
6. Michael Witt
7. Michael Monaghan
8. Brent Kite
9. Luke Williamson
10.Luke Bailey
11.Anthony Watmough
12.Steve Menzies
13.Ben Kennedy

14.Shayne Dunley
15.Jason King
16.Sam Harris
17.Kylie Leuleuai.

Now THAT's what I call a bench.

With potential front loading, and utilisation of the $800k unspeant last year, I'd say we are already in front. Chad would be on a decent contract, because it was negotiated when Manly were playing poorly, but he was playing better than the teams form. Hecks, while solid, aint no Luke Bailey. Add to that Cleal has been playing VERY in his limited time in my opinion, and we are well coverred, espescially when adding Bryant, Curtis & possibly Cuthbertson.

The only other amendment I can see would be if Monnas was traded for Orford....a deal I would not be too unhappy about.


Kim Jong Dan
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you always say release Hecks, I say keep him!

Stuey Davis’s Socks

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Another pleasant side-effect of our good form this year is that blue chip players like Bailey are more likely to consider coming across the bridge. The more success we have the less we will be seen as a struggling club. We are then less likely to have to pay overs to get these sort of players.

Just keep winning boys!!


Journey Man
it all depends on how much money we have to play with. - i would love to see baily, but i dont see our props as a weak spot, we beat the tigers with our top 4 missing and the dogs with 2 of our top 4 missing. So we have gone ok.

Southern Sea Eagle

Melbourne are pressuring Matt King to re-sign before June 30!

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