Lucky or good?

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I'm a big one on you have to manage your squad. You get injuries/illness and you need to minimize (through injury prevention, management, etc....and you still get bad luck). And if other teams get injuries, illness, or bad luck....crush them!!

There was one semi final back about 2010? I think it was St George we played. And we were decimated with injuries, and some of my mates were being nice about how it wasn't really fair etc etc. I just said 'nope that's our problem, and you just have to deal with it'


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I watched parra v storm and riff and we didnt play that eel side.last week thats for sure. Maybe it was us. At the end it didnt seem like it could be us but maybe


I watched parra v storm and riff and we didnt play that eel side.last week thats for sure. Maybe it was us. At the end it didnt seem like it could be us but maybe
It’s interesting because Eels vs Storm & Panthers were tight, low scoring games, while Eels vs Sharks & us were looser, high scoring games.

Was it our (& Sharks) middle defence that turned those games into high scoring shootouts by forcing the Eels to play more expansively because they couldn’t go through our middle?

If so, great news as it means our middle defence & attack are good, which is a solid base to work from & all we have to work on is our edge defence & reaction to second phase play.


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The Sea Eagles are not lucky but they're not yet top shelf. Their attack is markedly better than last year so far but their defense needs work. They're winning because they're getting across the try line more often than last year. This looks a big scoring side and if they can get their defense in order they could end up top 4. Early days of course and very easy, especially through injuries, to fall back out of the 8 but the signs are promising.

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I probably set up an unnecessary dichotomy with this thread. It is possible to be good and lucky at the same time. Must admit it's pleasing to see the teams that have looked ordinary against us, come out the week after and look great against some of last years heavyweights.

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Taylan May is the first ACL injury at the Panthers in 5 years. Can that consistent record be luck alone? I doubt it. Probably another mix of luck and good injury management.


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Years ago I read one of the Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus's books on how to play golf ... in one of the first chapters he went on at length about the element of luck ...


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