Loner - Latham, Book review please?

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Matabele, Canteen Worker, Hopium & Fluffy I’d like to know if you’ve finished reading Lathams blockbuster yet?

I hear it tells the truth about labor and Beazley. If I knew Latham was gunna produce such “truth� prior to the last election he may of got my vote!

Seriously though what did you think of it?
Journey Man
I'm too busy spending the largesse that Howard and Costello foolishly gave away at the last election.
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Translation. You like the tripe he wrote last time because he wrote what you wanted to hear. You wont read this one because it shows him to be a backstabber and also the incumbent ALP leader to be a backstabber and a fool.

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cool song......Music for masses!

Basically i'm after your view on the "big story" of Latham and Labor. But you dont look to keen on giving it :)
Winging it
I haven't read the book and probably won't waste the time required. But Latham has shown what a complete wanker he is and a person of the lowest order from the quotes in the Press. Thank god he never made it to the top job as he obviously never had what it takes.
UFO Hunter
I am with you MB, Byso.

Might I also say, Howard is also showing exactly what a prat he is this time.

Has anyone taken the time to have a look at his industrial relations reform?

Wont it be so much fun to have to negotiate a percentage of super with an employer. Or to no longer recieve overtime or weekend work rates. Or perhaps it will be a fullfilling experience to go home and explain to your wife and kids that you go the sack... but your still not quite sure why.

Lets not get to carried away with who's the bigger wanker until Johnny writes his book.
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Lathams a bigger wanker.

I'm a contractor so I don’t get paid all these extra sick and holiday leave etc....etc. I can get the sack tomorrow with no questions asked. The only people who should be concerned with the reforms are bludgers and people who are power hungry union delegates.

Why do you think small businesses hate hiring new people, why do you think there are so many casual workers and contractors?


Don’t listen to your union delegates in woolies champ.
UFO Hunter
Thats your choice byso but I have worked for a company who will take the new legislation by the balls and run with it.

Workers will be paid a minimum and by minimum, im not talking the 14.50 an hour they get now. Im thinking less. They will no longer pay super.

There are companies out there byso who will abuse this system.
UFO Hunter
BTW, there is no union for boat buliders. Im not sure how many other industries have no union but these workers are already underpayed, over worked and make up a massive percentage of the low income population. These companies will abuse their rights.
First Grader
I think you'll find theres still minimum wages etc. But I don't know. Supply and demand I suppose.

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